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<div class="IPBDescription">Unite communities</div>Introduction

Our goal is to provide -1- forum for the biggest servers, and ns communities out there. So whenever you need to complain about a ban, make suggestions on how to improve the server, or anything, you can visit -1- forum instead of having to make accounts on 1-5 forums for your 5 favorite servers. This way we “merge” server forums, and it would be easier to make a statement about the different servers, as you are just some clicks away from commenting/posting in your favorite server(s) forum.

If you want English support for your server, we can provide you this on our forum. If you for example run a server in France, you will most likely have french players, but also a lot of international players as well. We want your server to be liked by international players too, and we don’t want your server to lose regulars because of “lack of support”. We handle the English if you cant.

NS-TALENT Community.


* NS or NS2 server (with active players), or an active NS/NS2 community/site.
* Professional behavior.


* Free forum hosting.
* Up to date forum with support for social networks and much (!) more.
* Professional forum skins. (paid professional gaming skins to make your community look good!)
* Professional mobile/ipad et.c skins.
* Heavy SEO forum-specific application so that your content will boost rank on search engines.
* English support.
* Server or community listed on our forums. (great advertise)
* Direct link to join your server, your homepage, and your irc channel in forum description.
* A well established community with active and dedicated players.
* A dedicated NS only community.
* Access to our forum Blog application, so you can write news about your community and reach out to the masses.
* File hosting for mapping and modding communities along with a powerful download application. (not yet added but can be on request)
* Image hosting (restricted to NS-related images) using a heavy forum Gallery application. (not yet added but can be on request)

Future services that we are aiming for with our new commerce forum application (<u>not yet available!</u>):

* Sell packages (slot, icon, other server rights etc.) to your players.
* Donation services.
* Donators group with access to exclusive forum.

Read more at: <a href="http://forum.nstalent.org/topic/82-free-forum-hosting-for-ns-servers-and-communities/" target="_blank">http://forum.nstalent.org/topic/82-free-fo...nd-communities/</a>

People running active servers -anywhere- in the world, or an active community may apply. If you plan to start up a server(s) for NS2 or community, you may also apply. Thank you.

I know different locations can cause load trouble on our site, but we are willing to buy CDN for fast delivery of content if needed.

<u>Communities or servers signed up:</u>
Le Bordel De La Dinde

<u>Showing interest:</u>

Edit: Updated 05/01-2012

Contact: <b>nstalent [at] gmail.com</b>

Original thread: <a href="http://www.unknownworlds.com/ns2/forums/index.php?showtopic=107551" target="_blank">http://www.unknownworlds.com/ns2/forums/in...howtopic=107551</a>


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