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<div class="IPBDescription">Destroying <> Rebuilding - Change ?</div><b>== <u>Situation:</u> </b> (no reason to destroy (none main base) power nodes):
1 Marine can build Power-Node in (maybe) 3-4 seconds.
1 Alien can destroy Power-Node in (maybe) 10-15 seconds.
At the moment there is no real reason of destroying a (none main base) power-node.

It´s to easy to get power-node up for marines.
Expect: critical situation in MAIN BASE -> no power -> no spawn.

<b>== <u>Ideas:</u> </b> (change power-node building)
<b>a) battery: </b> (needs equipment + no time):
-each marine can carry one battery (spawn -> has new battery)
-to build up power node: insert battery in power socket
-after: marine has no battery
-marine get another battery in armory (at no cost)

-At beginning of match 1 marine cant get more than 1 power node up without walking back to base->armory.
-it needs an armory the get a new battery (forced to build armory) OR he must suicide (###### :/ )
-marines cant expand so fast without walking in group (more marines -> more batterys)

-there is a reason to destroy (none main base) power nodes

<b> b) mini-game:</b> (needs nothing + think-about = gets harder each rebuild)
- its not wait-a-specific-time to get power node up
- its a mini-game where you need to connect cables
- first time power node gets up: should be really, really easy (2 seconds of think-about)
- ...power node gets destroyed...
- later time power node rebuild: should be harder to connect cables (each time it gets destroyed)

-more marines cant speed up power node rebuilding
-you need to think about (in an intense battle nearby this could be hard to concentrate)

-there is a reason to destroy none main base power nodes

<b> c) expand rebuild time:</b> (no equipment + time: more time each rebuild):
- its wait-a-specific-time to get power node up (same is now)
- but: ...power node gets destroyed...
- its takes more time to rebuild the power node (depends of number of destroying this power node)

- (dont see negative points on this)

-there is a reason to destroy (none main base) power nodes

d) <b>alien-structure damage by online-power-node</b>:
An active / restored power node should damage harvesters and hive.
With active power node the tech-point & ressource node gets electrical energy, which
damages the organic harvester and the hive at the location.

there is a reason to restore a power node for marines (alien structure damage / marine structure power)
and a reason to destroy a powerpoint for aliens (prevent alien structure damage / no marine structure power).

<b>== <u>Conclusion:</u></b>
At the moment there is no real reason for aliens to take down a "not main base" power node.

The power node system should be changed:
so it should be somehow get harder each time to restore the same power node.
The destroying -> rebuild gets "harder" would also fit at the main base.
The main base power node should be easily rebuildable because it doesnt gets destroyed so many times.


alien structures (harvester = res-node, hive = tech-point) should get damage of time
by restored power node at the location. But this needs a reduced time to take a
power-node offline (alien) or a increased time of building up the power node (marines).

I would prefer energy-up -> alien structure damage approach.


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    Personally the only change i would want is that welders are required to RE-Build Dead power nodes.
    That would make it cost resources to rebuild power as marine, and a no-welder strategy is a no-win strategy. that is, if you get locked into one room.
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    Problematic. You can't buy welders on an unpowered armory, I think. Main base power down and no one has a welder = game over.

    It is true, that the current power node game mechanic is only useful in the marine base. We need to adjust the game mechanic for the other rooms, without touching it in the marine base. So here is another idea:
    <ul><li>make power points upgradeable to get as much health as they have now.</li><li>decrease the health of a normal power point to half of the actual value.</li><li>increase rebuild time of a power point to match the time it needs to destroy an not upgraded power point as a skulk. (something between 6-10 sec?)</li><li>auto upgrade the main base power point at round start.</li><li>building an freshly socketed power point is as fast as it is right now.</li></ul>
    This changes will make the mechanic fair. Now we add some flesh to it:
    <ul><li>infestation does not spread in powered rooms and stops spreading when a room is powered up. (Cyst don't lose health or anything. Just the infestation doesn't spread.)</li><li>every room is in emergency powered state (red light) when the round starts. Except the marine base, obviously.</li></ul>
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