Marine -> Biocide Lab + Weapon

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<div class="IPBDescription">tactical usage of infestation (kill or ill)</div>=== New Marine Weapon - Biocide Rifle:

It´s a new marine weapon.

== How to get:
- Marine Com -> needs to drop -> Biocide Lab (maybe: Prototyp Lab -> Research Biocide Tech = Biocide Rifle available)
- Armory -> Biocide Rifle (Costs: 10 Res like Gorge (or 15 Res) or more)

== How to set it up:
- at first it´s like a vacuum cleaner (does no damage)
- marine needs to get a cyst -> the biocide weapon sucks it up
- marine get back to base -> full the cyst liquid into biocide lab (should have 3 canisters)
- (maybe wait: 30 sec -> biocide labor turns it into pesticide)
- marine fills again the biocide weapon with it

== what can marines do - alien buildings (cyst / structure or also hive):
- weapon is loaded with ill infestation from biocide lab
- primary function: inject it into cyst / structure (weapon gets empty)
- this takes a while! (10 sec at cyst/structure, longer at hive without interruption)
- the structures looses it functions / use
- but structures takes no damage (still has 100 health)
- structure color should be turn to "ill" (black, grey, ...)
- the infected alien structure now spreads out the bad infestation (to other nearby cysts/structures)
- the infected alien cysts (ground) does little damage to touched alien players

You need to decide
-> a) turn infestation to ill:
-hurts touched alien players (ill cyst ground)
-turn off alien structure abilities
-turn off alien abilities (sprayed at alien)
-spreads out (same speed as healthy infestation over time)!
-but you still cant build on it

-> b) kill infestation (but this takes down only that structure)

== what can marines do - alien players:
- weapon is loaded with ill infestation from biocide lab
- secondary weapon function: spray
- marine can spray it on aliens (but canister should get empty in 5 sec OR amount like 1 flame thrower cartridge)
- aliens get ill = get hurt (but the amount of heal it does when it´s healthy) / looses it abilities), maybe get weak
(lower speed)

== what can aliens do ?
1. structures: heal by gorge OR kill by alien attack (get structures back OR to stop spread out)
2. players: needs a gorge to heal the disease

You need to decide:
the infestation on structures spreads out.
-> to kill your own (ill) structures (and lose them), but it cant spread out any more
(If the disease has no connection to healthy cysts or structures, disease dies.)
-> to get gorge to heal the disease away

== Overall:
Marine with biocide weapon is helpless, has only pistol or knife to defend himself.
He needs to get a healthy cyst, turn it into disease by biocide lab and inject it into other cyst /structure (or spray it over players).
Should be helpfull against many hydras, whips and so on (inject nearby structure). But you need to get one cyst /structure infected so it can spread out (over time). You can also fill the biocide lab 3 x times (3 canisters), for later usage (maybe other players).

You cant build on infestation (ill or healthy), but ill infestation spreads out (over time) so structures loose their abilites and
aliens touching this get damage (by amount of healing of healthy cysts).
Should be a tactic also for hive -> spreading out to nearby structures = all not dead but damage alien players and has no use anymore.

Alien need a Gorge. To heal the structures / players back.
Or aliens can also kill the ill structures (cant spread out on healthy infestation anymore).

All in all this could be a new tactical approach - should i kill or turn it into bad infestation (especially at hive OR many defense
structures). Aliens need to decide to kill own structures to stop spread out or a gorge heal the disease away.

Prevents aliens from fast spreading out over map (cyst placement in marine base).
Helps marines at well defended alien locations / forces them to the ill location (kill / heal).
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