My Natural Selection Model/Skin/Stuff Collection

deadrawkstardeadrawkstar Members Join Date: 2012-04-04 Member: 149940Posts: 2
Stuff I've collected over time that i would like to share
First of all, I assume none of this to be owned by myself, I take no credits for creating any of it.

These are just a bunch of Models/Reskins/Packs i've rounded up over time and i want to share it with you guys who still enjoy natural selection 3.2!


I'm also uploading them One-By-One Here:


  • DrfuzzyDrfuzzy FEW... MORE.... INCHES... Members Join Date: 2003-09-21 Member: 21094Posts: 4,507
    Cool, if you find any old stuff laying around from times past, put them up on FPS Banana since they seem to be one of the few reliable customization mirrors anymore!
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