roaming HUD options

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<div class="IPBDescription">map lock</div>As a frontiersmam or space-menace direction is always important. Having your bearings in/on the battlefeild is crucial and the option of optimizing these seemingly secondayr or arbital functions can be the most effective tool for immersion into the virtual enviroment.

We are seeing the build progress meter 2 times in the one instance (Unless you know how to build with your hands behind your back^_^). How is that going to be helpful?
It's when constructing the a marine has a chance to check in with team progress on the minimap and subsequently figure out where the |Happy Panda| he is. For this I suggest an option of;
rotating map. (see GTA)
Selectable visual and audio warning/notifications. (especially good for aliens.)(See: UFO:Aftermath)
And even a compass!(see Grandpa)
I wonder if a rotating map is possible for command console/hive operation HUD?
And the possibilities this would mean for map makers when/if implemented.. But, when moving I would like to have the veiw OSD of somthing like a fighter jet. Giving me a better sense!
Also when your waiting to spawn the map goes from off-mini-maxim without pressing down on it. It would be go to test if that was enabled/disenabled as a game option.
I thought we agreed that this productions (NS2) had strength and playability in it's far-fetched realism, and I don't think Marines are a functioning. I mean he looks REALLY RAD when the nano-sheild is applied but as far as his own personal movement and sensual dynamics are concerned he is just a prisinor!

What I think UWE needs to focus on is creating a customizable contols setting for HUD options.
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