Tutorial Plans

TweadleTweadle Join Date: 2005-02-03 Member: 39686Members, NS2 Map Tester
I haven't seen or heard of any commitment to design a tutorial-mode for NS2. Does anybody know of one? I'd really hope that there would be plans for a tutorial to be included when it's released. A game like NS2 would benefit hugely from a noob-friendly zone to learn the basics and get to grips with each player-class. If it included certain scripted events and a rudimentary storyline, it would be an engaging way to take much of the pain away for new (and old) players.

I don't say this as somebody who needs a tutorial but as someone who wishes he could point people in the right direction without giving up huge amounts of spare time and energy. I think it would also be safe to assume that a certain portion of the gaming world would stick with NS2 where they might normally not have - surely a worthwhile investment?
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