Command Chair Lockup & Global Mine Deployment Sound Bugs

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<div class="IPBDescription">The Skulk goes *RAWR*</div>Hey everyone!

Encountered two new bugs this week.
For the first one, I was comm and somehow managed to break the commchair.
I think it happens when entering/exiting the CC in an awkward way, when the animation cycle of opening/closing is not finished yet.

I ended up logging out of the CC, but it wouldnt open. I couldnt log in again either. So I was just trapped inside and had to rejoin, which didnt fix it either.
The CC remained locked up without anyone inside for the rest of the game. We got then raped by an Onos:

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It hurt.

As for the second bug:
When Kharaa, I often hear the sounds of deploying mines all over the map, as if it happened next to me. Its quite distracting.

Any confirms?


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    So I've both had it happen to me and seen the comm logout, but CS never opens bug. Its a fairly nasty bug, but I've not been able to figure out repro steps for it.
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    Indeed, we've seen it happen during a PT. No errors popping up on client/server console/log, no idea how to repro it other then stuff that was happening at the same time

    -Onos stun vs commander login for example (no dice)
    -Alien killing the commander in the chair before the login sequence completes (no dice)

    A very very nasty bug! If anyone encounters this bug and has some idea as to the cause with repro steps, an unlimited supply internet cookies will be the price :P
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    I've seen this happen once too, but only once in about 180 hours, so it seems pretty rare. I remember that the commander was still inside the CC, but he didn't actually go into the command mode. He was stuck inside the locked CC in the normal FPS view. He killed himself through the console to get out and the CC remained locked.

    And for the mine deployment sound, I hear it all the time and it's pretty annoying.
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    I had this happen yesterday. We were playing mineshaft and relocated to crushing, when one guy jumped in the comm chair to recycle some stuff and then could no longer get out. We told him to suicide, so he did and then the comm chair would not open.

    Needless to say, we ended up losing the match after 5 minutes.

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> for some screens.
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    A nasty bug indeed. Nothing to do but QQ and RR. It happens to the Aliens too.

    I have seen a similar bug occur when the comm gets DCed. Once the Comm is DCed, the CC stays closed and unresponsive. The same bug applies to the alien team. I can't recall if the hive stays in occupied mode (tentacles up) when the Khamm gets DCed. I would assume it stays in the occupied mode. If it switches to the unoccupied look (tentacles down) while still inaccesible to players, then I would assume that checking out the differences (if they exist) between the marine and alien commander codes would be a good place to start your bug hunt.

    Good luck devs and happy (lol) bug hunting!
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