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Well there seems to be somewhat of a debate out in the General forum about what a server op can and cant do with his server. What do you server ops think? Is playing on a server a right or a privlege?


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    It entirely depends.

    I for instance am one of the admins for the blueyonder ns servers and their dod ones and we have a strict code of conduct to follow... we are simply caretakers and our rights would be revoked if we randomly kicked , changed server settings etc.

    However if someone rents a server .. or owns / runs one .. its up to them what they do. Perhaps not the best image but its up to them.

    In my expeirience the best places to play are on organisations servers like gsps ( game service providers ) such as by , jolt , bw etc or on a server where you know the admin to be level headed.

    Bad admin behaviour just ends up emptying the server and you should simply stop playing on such a server if you come across em
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    I try to execute good admin behavior, but the thing i usually end up kicking/short term banning is a marine player.

    geez they are annoying. "commander do this, do this, do this"
    Listen you little **obscenity** kickers. I am the comm, not you, so silence your insolence and do what I say.

    Had a guy thinking we could still win (LOL) we had half a base, one respawn portal, one comm, and trapped in our base. He had escaped somehow, but nobody else could get over there. We had no resources. and he's telling me to build a rsrer, comm chair, and respawn portal. I don't think he could read because we had 2 rsr. 2!!!! i couldn't do anything except delay our inevitable deaths. I tried to explain that to him while knifing onos unsuccessfully. But still he persited. Many of the team told him to stop whining also. i did a vote kick, poof, he was gone. Came back, joined aliens, ranting "kick cracker!! kick cracker!!" "Our comm sucks, cracker isn't even playing!!" umm, i was knifing onos, how was i not playing??

    anyway, i gave him a 20minute ban shortly after because because his language directed at me.

    think i was in the right?
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    All things I do on my server are for the good of the MATURE players that connect. If you're an annoying idiot, prepare to be tortured. I understand just messing around being an idiot for a second -- hell, I do that all the time, but doing it constantly to get on other player's nerves? I realllly don't like that.
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    Playing on someone’s privately owned, public gaming server is completely a privilege and should be treated as such. Running a good server takes time a lot of time to get right not only that but it’s the admin’s hardware and connection a player is using. It’s only safe to say that players should have to run by the admin’s rules. Most admin's post their personal server rules in the MOTD, they are there for a reason which is to be read and followed, not ignored. I have no sympothy for someone who does or says something that is forbidden in the rules and then wonders why they got kicked. This is not to say that the admin should run a server like his own little dictatorship but there are certain things that nobody should have to put up with. If that person doesn't like it, he can go elsewhere. Really, there are plenty of servers out there; I bet at least one of them has an admin who fits each player's personality.

    I used to run a Counter-Strike server with the AWP turned off. I also wrote a script that would instantly ban someone who happened to “accidentally” buy and kill with one. People used to ask me why I turn off the AWP, it’s simply because I hate that gun. Nothing sucked worse to me then getting a M4, full grenades, defuse kit, full armor just to get shot once, behind a box in the pinky toe and dying. My server, my rules, no AWP, no exceptions.
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    The moderators of this forum do not like poeple to post a complaint about a server. So if I have a problem, and I don't know how to get in touch with them, I'm **obscenity** out of luck. The moderators seem to be a little delete-happy.

    Your server, your rules. if you are only an admin, you enforce the rules of the owner. For example, I could make a server and get admins for it. I can make a rule that says that everymore must walk backwards or be perma-banned. No one can stop me from doing that. Since I am providing a service, and allowing you to play on MY server, I can take away that privilege.
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    It is the Admin's server. They paid for it (most of the time) and they run it. Access to it is not a god given right, there is no agreement we sign as Admins saying we will allow access to all. Thus I don't feel an Admin has any restrictions on what he/she can do on his server.

    But of course, you admin your server bad and no one will come. I endeavor to make the player's time on my server as enjoyable as is humanly possible. I feel thats my goal as an admin, and Adminmod etc. is just a tool to that end.
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    Thanx guys. I was really trying to get that point across to some ppl in the General Forum but for some reason this reasoning escapes them. They seem to think that a server op owes them something. Mebbe its because they are young and do not know about property and bills and all that. Mebbe its because they were raised beleiving anything and everything should be done for them or something.....I dont know. Im sure that by the time they are 25* they will have a better understanding of what property rights mean.

    *not to say there arent ppl under 25 that are smart and mature enuf to understand. Im just saying that most of those that dont understand are still kids.
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    OH you don't know the HALF of it!

    3 days ago I was playing on a server and so was the admin (or a least a friend of the admin), unbeknownst to me. I was playing as an alien and we had a couple of new players on our team. They wanted to be gorges, and so I just tried to run interference as a skulk. The marines were moving VERY slowly and we got three hives up, but only for a short time. The new guys had built extremely poor defenses and the marines, once they got rolling were taking down our RTs and a hive pretty quickly.

    The calls of "That's it, we've lost" went up and I got **obscenity**, knowing dam good and well we had a great chance to win (I made two runs at that exact moment and chewed on the CC). I told them that if a poor player such as myself could do THAT, then we could tear them up, AS LONG AS WE DIDNT GIVE UP.

    That rallied the troops for a few, but then the second hive went down and one of the marines started taunting about "The first time he'd ever seen marines win." Well, as the rest of my team started to turtle up the last hive, I bolted out, and went gorge for the first time in the game. I had a hive going up in 4 minutes, and when I reported it, one of our players started giving me $hit for "wasting rescources". I told him that I was the only one trying to give our team a second chance and that the tactics they were using were equivilent to playing deathmatch. I told him I was here to play strategy and win. He promptly dropped out and kicked me for 30 min. Just long enough for our team to lose.

    Talk about a real pisser. That's one sorry admin in my opinion. I went back in under my Blueshift Won ID and told him what I though of that kind of behavior, and then told him to be sure and perminently ban me so that I'd never make the mistake of going to that server again.


    BTW - I am also a server admin for HLDM for over a year now. My clients are mostly over 28. I know what it means to be a fair admin and to give players a benifit of the doubt.
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    Frankly, since I have rcon on the server I play on, I have almost no tolerance for idiots.

    People who whine for a shotgun when we have 7 resources are told to shut the **obscenity** up and look at the resource counter. If they give the comm **obscenity** about it, they get banned. NSPlayers are kicked if they stack teams or go AFK.

    *ANY* team killing (in non-tourney mode) results in a ban, as does spamming of text or voice chat. Advertisements for websites or other servers result in a warning kick, and then a ban if it happens again.

    No one gets banned for being a bad player, but a lot of people get banned for being idiots about it, and whining constantly.

    It might seem a little harsh - tough. Our server is passworded 90% of the time, and during the 10% that we let the public in, they will follow our rules - there is no shortage of good players out there, so it's absolutely no pain at all for me to kick/ban an idiot.

    The owner of the server gave me rcon, so if he thinks I step over some magical line, he'll remove it. It's his computer, and the public in general really doesn't have any right to it.
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    I am generally a very lenient admin on my own (owned) server - I'm there to play the game, not play ref all night. As I've posted elsewhere, I use foul language filtering on my server, and that has single-handedly rid my server of lame immature kiddies and most other lamers in one move: I highly recommend it.

    One of the reasons I did that was in response to the one player who I've permanently banned. There was a player who began hurling incredibly hurtful, racial insults at another player. While I have reasonable tolerance for the occasional "F*ck you" and "that was a dipsh*t" move and that type of generic venting, I have absolutely zero tolerance for racial/religious/ethnic slurs and language of that nature.

    But hey, that's just me - and since it's my server, I pretty much work by my own rules. I guess if I ever run out of players 'cause no one is willing to play on my server anymore, I'll just shut it down...
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    Even though my server is infrequently up (whenever I'm doing a CS lab or [much less frequently] when i'm not there), I still like to keep it clean, so whenever I'm playing NS and I see someone acting like a total j***-off (by my book), I take note of his WonID and later add it to banned.cfg.

    A little bit of preventative medicine. If they're acting like a jackass on someone else's server, what says they're going to be doing otherwise on yours?

    If I tried to go into a server I knew I'd never been in before only to find out I'm banned, I'd think there was some sort of WonID filter or something that would make trying to get in there not worthwhile.


    Btw, an owner can do whatever the hell he wants, short of modifying keybinds, I guess. I also don't like admins that run commands on your client (unless they're helping you out). For instance, one server I was in would periodically run "speak "I one to have hot six with juliet in such-and-such sector. uh uh uh""

    Thanks, mr. admin. I really appreciate that. While you're at it, why not run "disconnect" for me, too. I'm feeling lazy... <!--emo&:angry:--><img src='' border='0' valign='absmiddle' alt='mad.gif'><!--endemo-->
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