Braekpoints not working

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Breakpoints in version 1.14 build 1032 are not working.
After upgrading to Decoda version 1.14 build 1032 (from 1.13), breakpoints seemed to stop working. I had a breakkpoint set directly at the start of the main code block in my lua script and the break was never excuted. I notoiced that the thread window showed a yellow arrow as if the program was halted on a breakpoint.
I uninstalled Decoda and reinstalled the 1.13 version and everything began to work again.
Does anybody know what is going on with this behaiour?


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    Where are you getting older versions of decoda from!? I can't find a link anywhere, and would really like to be able to use Decoda again (1.14 crashse for me).
    This is the kind of thing that goes on behind close doors on normal game releases, where they are optimizing it right up until the end. You guys are just getting to play with a version of the game that normally only the developers see.


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