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<div class="IPBDescription">(emergency light behavior / bug?)</div>Noticed that when emergency lighting pops on, although it pulses for a nice effect, it turns on abruptly which really detracts from the 'backup lighting' feel. Not sure if this is one of those things that has been planned and not done yet from being low priority or if it had been simply overlooked? Figured it might be worth bringing up as I haven't seen mention of this before.


  • KuriinKuriin Join Date: 2011-01-08 Member: 76761Members
    The only thing it should do is keep the light pitch black unless the commander uses points to switch on the emergency lights. Those emergency lights = WAY...TOO...BRIGHT.
  • l3lessedl3lessed Join Date: 2010-06-07 Member: 71977Members
    I personally want more of a random flickering on and off style. It wouldn't be very excessive though. Just every three to five minutes. Enough to add atmosphere, but not get annoying. It would give a much more strenuous and distressed feel to rooms that don't have power. Also they do need to be dimmed down a little more now that alien vision is going to be added in the near future.
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    Emergency lighting is supposed to be more along the lines of neutral, that is why they are bright. Random flickering could be cool but either way when the backup lighting comes on it should fade in for visual sake. (since it fades up and down once on anyway)
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    edited February 2011
    I think the "power up" time for emergency lighting is rather too fast. It should take at least 10 seconds for the red light to switch up, so marines cannot retake the room immediately. (But we'll have to see how the mobile power source works first.)

    Just a quick idea: If emergency lighting has a slower pulse rate (4 seconds from full brightness to full darkness), and stays pitch black for ~2 seconds at a time, it would give aliens a bigger time frame to ambush marines in the dark.
  • ShiloriusShilorius Join Date: 2011-01-14 Member: 77445Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    I still like the idea that marines have to walk up to the broken powernode and use it to activate the emergency lights (not the commander)

    But I agree, some "fade in" effect for the emergencylights would be nice.
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