Proper usage for Cinematic Editor?

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<div class="IPBDescription">A tutorial or something somewhere?</div>Heyo there,

I have NS2 installed since the first day UW sold the Special Pre-Order package, but never really played it or used the tools, because it was either to unstable on my PC or ran like crap...until now. The current Build 160 really runs better than any other buid...still not perfect, but acceptable.


I tried to get into the Cinematic Editor but I really do not know how to handle the App. There's no documentation etc on how to let the Actors/Models move etc.

Is anyone around here who has experience with the Cinematic Editor and might help me out a bit with some info/tutorials?

Would love to get into that tool.




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    thraxjor did a tutorial on how to make spotlights move around dynamically in this thread:
    <a href="" target="_blank">;hl=cinematic</a>

    There is perhaps more in the <a href="" target="_blank">wiki</a>, I'm not sure as it is kinda hidden :/
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    Thank's for the reply.

    I will study those links and will study some of the *.cinematic files which are already included in the current Natural-Selection 2 Build.
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