US agenda to censor internet

ZurikiZuriki Join Date: 2010-11-20 Member: 75105Members
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US wants to spy on everything you do. This is really, REALLY bad news. I predict a riot - several hundred of them actually.
I will be participating in any protests/riots regarding this subject.


  • juicejuice Join Date: 2003-01-28 Member: 12886Members, Constellation
    Step 1) Censor the Internet.

    Step 2) Armageddon.
  • Kouji_SanKouji_San Sr. Hινε Uρкεερεг - EUPT Deputy The Netherlands Join Date: 2003-05-13 Member: 16271Members, NS2 Playtester, Squad Five Blue
    PFFT! Teh Interwebs can't be tamed!
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    <!--quoteo(post=1815397:date=Dec 12 2010, 10:50 PM:name=Zuriki)--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Zuriki @ Dec 12 2010, 10:50 PM) <a href="index.php?act=findpost&pid=1815397"><{POST_SNAPBACK}></a></div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->US wants to spy on everything you do.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

  • That_Annoying_KidThat_Annoying_Kid Sire of Titles Join Date: 2003-03-01 Member: 14175Members, Constellation
    been done

    ever hear about Narus and AT&T room whatever that was on West Coast fiber hub?
  • EggOfAwesomeEggOfAwesome Join Date: 2015-01-31 Member: 201139Members
    HA. I know someone who has a buddy in the states and they do random internet searches together. (messes google up really bad.) Anyway, he and his friend were checking out random websites and when the guy in the states got the link it said this webpage does not exist, yet we in Canada could get to it quite fine, makes you think.
  • Soul_RiderSoul_Rider Mod Bean Join Date: 2004-06-19 Member: 29388Members, Constellation, Squad Five Blue
    Every country has it's own 'firewall'. Western media is all over the Chinese firewall, because they say, look what happens over there, while we do it secretly over here behind your back, lol.
  • thecatempirethecatempire Manchester, UK Join Date: 2015-08-24 Member: 207446Members
    Can't imagine you can sensor the internet :/
  • NoMNoM Join Date: 2015-04-13 Member: 203407Members, NS2 Playtester
    Censorship I agree with to some extent, most people don't see the moral decay and the kind of people it breeds.
  • KroolPersonKroolPerson NY Join Date: 2016-01-21 Member: 211756Members
    We all know there is a economic war going on within china and US. But recently I read somewhere china is capturing majority of gold reserves around the world making it the country with highest gold reserves. Is it time to make gold investments and how will it benefit United States Of America.
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