Extinguishing Fires - Gorges?

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<div class="IPBDescription">Is there a method to do so?</div>Given all of the games content is still not live, we can't speculate too much but I would enjoy a little discussion on this topic.

Is there currently any planned method of extinguishing fires? Whether it be an alien or a structure? I would submit that I think the Gorge's heal spray should be able to do this, balanced correctly. Again, the game isn't feature rich so we don't know everything the Gorge will end up be being able to do, but at the moment they are pretty useless.

This would also make Gorges more useful at end game when the marines have flamethrowers and grenade launchers on the field. It would also invite Gorges to be a part of any battles that may occur, instead of just hanging back and dropping Hydras.



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    Actually, Gorge health spray already extinguishes fire, I played many a game with flamer spam and I went Gorge several times to help out blinded Lerks and Fades.
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    As poster said above, this should be already implemented. This was actually something the devs really wanted in the game.
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    Really? Well, I guess I've never tried it so I shouldn't be too surprised.

    Bloody good idea, devs :)
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