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So I use a dock app with 256px png logos for better visual experience on my desktop...
I noticed that when I added a desktop shortcut via Steam, for NS2, There was not logo. Then I just decided to get some NS2 artwork and do a logo from there, for personal use...

Of course I wanted the hive as a logo! So I got this:
(I basically just made the background from http://www.marcusdublin.com/NS2_AlienHive_Model_01.jpg transparent and changed image size)
Here's the result in my dock:

I'll be using this as long as UW doesn't provide any official logo and I thought I'd share...
Hope I'm not breaking any laws here! If so, please warn and I'll remove this thread (or any moderator can just remove it - and please tell me you did so)


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    Heh as long as it is either for personal use or in some cases used for websites (fan sites and stuff) it is allowed as far as I know. Just check out Ns community sites video channels and stuff and their usage of imagery fro NS or NS2, it's all over the internet :D

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