Script Documentation / Engine Interfaces?

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<div class="IPBDescription">has anyone been working on...</div>I'm just wondering if anyone's been working with the NS2 lua and the engine functions / classes listed in the script help file.

I'm trying to work out things like if cameras are defined (as standard in lots of engines) as an origin and a set of look coords. Or as a set of Coords and a set of Angles. I'm also passing unsure of how to 'declare' something as a camera, and what the conditions for the engine picking up a lua defined camera as the player camera.

I've got similar issues with the other functions / classes (declaring / what are the arguments etc). I'm hoping to get enough free time to play about and trying and figure this out myself, but before I did I wondered if anyone had already done this.

I like coding as a hobby but I don't do it enough to make figuring out an undocumented engine an efficient endeavour.


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    have you looked at Player:GetCameraViewCoords in player_client.lua, GetCameraViewCoords is also directly called by the engine btw
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