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GUI/interface related
I've really enjoyed my experience with Decoda, and I'd like to mention a few interface things I'm accustom to in other GUIs (Visual Studio in particular) that I would love to see added to Dedoca but are mostly very minor (although I understand if they are not trivial). Didn't see another thread for this, so I hope I'm not duping anything said somewhere else.

* Disable the 'OK' button in the "Find In Files" dialog until the search string is no longer empty. Often have I accidentally searched for "" by highlighted text from the Output window and quickly hitting Ctrl-Shift-F then Enter; only to forgot that it doesn't auto-fill the search string input box like it does when you highlight text from the main text entry form.

* Ability to bring up the "Find In Files" dialog from the "Find..." dialog.

* An option to "Replace in Files".

* Controls to adjust to the double click and triple click speed for selecting words and lines.

* Hold CTRL and click on a word to highlight it (acts just like double click). Hold CTRL while highlighting text to select whole words at a time.

* Drag and drop to move text


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    * F2 to edit the variable name in the watch window (pressing ENTER currently does this)

    * If the caret is on top of a word when you hit Ctrl-Shift-F (or whatever keystroke you have mapped to Find All), it should also auto-fill the Find-All dialog with that word.
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    *matching parens / brace / bracket highlighting

    *it's Lua, so maybe matching 'function' / 'then' / 'do' and 'end' highlighting

    *"smart highlighting" - a feature I use very often in Notepad++. When a word is selected (as from double-click), highlight the other instances of the word in the document. It's great for quickly seeing everywhere a variable is used.
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    See topic "My issues with Decoda 1.13 so far" for a list of similar stuff :-). Some of them have been addressed since then.
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