Is it my imagination or truth?

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Ok i have a few questions about NS1 since ive been away since v2.0. So far ive played a good few hours on my vacation so far, ive noticed some things that i would require assistance from more "experienced" avid gamers of the game.

1: Skulks bite gun seems to miss when obviously hitting target as it would have in v2.0?
2: Skulks bite gun has no AOE like it did? (Area of effect)
3: Skulks bite gun has decreased range?
4: Skulks bite gun cant be used when leaping (attack no:3) and fast switching in air to bite target. (ive seen people do this but they use scripts?)
5: A fast moving target or a moving target sometimes let bullets slip through when you shoot with full auto, but if you fire single shot rapidly you seem to hit it all?
6: Explosions affect stationary targets more then high speed ones (or moving ones)?
7: Did they add hitboxes on the models, i dont know if there has been before this version but now it feels like it?
8: Reduced the pistols damage overall?
9: Increased the weapons and armor upgrade benefits?
10: Impossible to stop the ambient music that makes it hard to hear footsteps? Stopsound doesnt work in console?

Am i imagining this or are my specs wrong so i get a wrong mirrage of reality?
I dont know myself.

Many thanks for any help.


  • juicejuice Join Date: 2003-01-28 Member: 12886Members, Constellation
    Yes, hitboxes are different.

    You can bind right click to leap/blink and left click to attack to more easily leap and bite quickly.

    Skulk bite is not dependent on the bite model, only on your crosshair.
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    Some ambient music and some ambient sounds are loaded as mp3, as far as i know "stopsound" doesn't work on those
  • BRICEBRICE Join Date: 2010-07-16 Member: 72453Members
    Ok thanks for the small info pieces so far :)
    No webpage lists the actual changes im experiencing.
    Thats why im so darn curious as to if its my settings and FPS thats wrong.
    Or the changes & secrets of the new version.
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