Help, e107? php nuke?

NeXuZNeXuZ Join Date: 2003-08-12 Member: 19594Members
<div class="IPBDescription">CMS Community sites</div>I used e107 before, but it kinda lacks good "free" templates/themes.

So im asking you guys what should i take??

php nuke

or any other you can suggest.

trying to get a site for my mod to come (if it ever happens, if not i can use it to make a clan or something)


  • FaskaliaFaskalia Wechsellichtzeichenanlage Join Date: 2004-09-12 Member: 31651Members, Constellation
    simple cms :P

    Nha, seriously: Get Joombla. Its handy.
  • DOOManiacDOOManiac Worst. Critic. Ever. Join Date: 2002-04-17 Member: 462Members, NS1 Playtester
    I've never used PHP Nuke before but have heard nothing but bad things, though admittedly this was over 5 years ago.

    Stay away from Joomla. It sucks. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.

    I've never actually found a CMS I liked before. They all seem to not be that great...
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