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I am gonna try to make this as short as possible... I preordered the organic indie bundle back when it was still running. I have the email from both wolfire and you for the access key and download info and all that. I also have my forums information for wolfire, so getting overgrowth when it is ready will not be a problem. BUT I COMPLETELY forgot my old unknown worlds forum account, so i made this one in an attempt to get my old one back, which has the key for when the pre order is released. I can understand any type of suspicion, and if you need to coordinate with wolfire on the validity of this, I have all the info, including confirmation emails and everything. Basically the ONLY thing missing is my unknown worlds FORUMS info. I have literally tried everything. I can give any information need in PM if need be, like the email address for the account. Also I know that what ever my forums account is, i defiantly know the email address it is linked to becasue i have an email from unknown worlds community that there is only 2 days left for the sale, blah blah blah. If anything is needed then pm me. Also if/when I get my old account back, feel free to do what you will with this one. Thank you.

P.S. - I hope I am not in trouble for making multiple accounts.


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