no more quickswitch

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not sure if this is related to win7 64bit or anything, but ever since i had ns up and running on it, i havent been able to enable quickswitch. ive checked my configs, and the line "hud_fastswitch "1"" is still there and everything, but whenever i use my "next weapon" bind, that stupid weapon hud still shows up. any ideas?


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    May I see your configuration.
    Screen Shot your ingame options, how you have them set up and post here.
    You said you are running Windows 7 64bit? I have had a couple of problems playing Natural Selection in the beta testing stages of the 64bit OS but usually are easy fixes.
    Little bit more info on your end and I should be able to help.
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    Okay, weird. I have this same problem with "previous weapon" instead of "next weapon".

    The weird part, i just started NS back up to rebind "previous weapon" and the fast weapon switch was working, and then i decided to rebind "next weapon" to mousewheelup and it broke it again -.-
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    I just tick the quickswitch box in the options menu... I didn't really do it manually in console...
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