"Program files" commandline bug

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Think I've got a bug here. I'm invoking Decoda (installed in Program Files) on another exe (also in Program Files). So my commandline looks like
<!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->c:\program files\decoda\decoda.exe /debugexe "c:\program files\myprog\myprog.exe"<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

Now in the myprog.deuser file I've got a commandline param in there. When I run Decoda in this way, it starts my exe ok, but <b>fails</b> to send it any commandline params.

I noticed however, when I use Decoda to start a program that is not in program files (i.e. in a directory path that does not contain a space) that it DOES correctly send my commandline param to my exe. This works correctly for example:
<!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->c:\program files\decoda\decoda.exe /debugexe "c:\projects\myprog\myprog.exe"<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

So, my request is that I'd like to be able to send commandline params to my programs in Program Files :)

If you think my deuser file will be helpful I could post it here as well.


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    I realise this may be stupid as I have next to no programming knowledge, but can't you put the offending path inside quotes so that it is handled as a single string? That's what you have to do with windows command line instructions which target executables in program files.
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    You're correct that encapsulating the path in quotes is the typical course of action. Which is why that's what I tried to do. Check out my examples and I have the part after /debugexe in quotes. Why this is an issue is that when I do this with decoda it fails to send commandline params to the executable that I'm debugging.
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    Thanks for reporting this.
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