NS1 Server-side patch

JirikiJiriki retired ns1 player Join Date: 2003-01-04 Member: 11780Members, NS1 Playtester, Squad Five Silver
<div class="IPBDescription">Possible bug fixes</div>I talked with puzl about some issues with NS1. Obviously addressing them now is a bit late but a server-side patch is possible, client-side is not.

There're some issues we could fix with the patch, thanks to Asmodee for pointing out many of them:
<ul><li>LMG/HMG dps. Basically 200FPS DPS is the correct DPS. Server-side solution is possible but would have problems such as a little variation in DPS.</li><li>200FPS Jetpack is not going to be fixed because it'd require a client-side patch. A server-side patch could work but would cause jittery movement.</li><li>Floating guns</li><li>Waypoint overflow</li><li>Misplaced turret/oc shooting angle on Linux</li><li>func_rotate broken on Linux (Powercore in origin)</li><li>Incorrect resource on recycling</li><li>Possibly resource flow (you get more res with less players, abusable in fixed player games)</li></ul>
Discussion: <a href="http://gist.github.com/410344" target="_blank">http://gist.github.com/410344</a>

Anyway, if you have some bugs or ideas for the patch go ahead. This is not 100% sure but certainly possible.


  • spellman23spellman23 NS1 Theorycraft Expert Join Date: 2007-05-17 Member: 60920Members

    If only I had time to do all the cool things I wanted to help with...
  • tschumanntschumann Australia Join Date: 2010-05-26 Member: 71862Members
    Maybe update the icons etc when the new Steam UI is fully customisable.
  • That_Annoying_KidThat_Annoying_Kid Sire of Titles Join Date: 2003-03-01 Member: 14175Members, Constellation
    I can't think of any good server side issues atm, but I would be all about supporting any sort of updating to the abandoned husk ns has become
  • GiGaBiTeGiGaBiTe Join Date: 2003-10-07 Member: 21489Members
    The bad firing positions for OCs and Turrets applies to Windows as much as it does Linux. It also applies to sieges, RTs and turret factories (electrify used to come from the center of the model, not the ground).

    Some other nice fixes would be to stop the phantom welding in random parts of the level and the electric zap that flies from one end of the map to the other when some random alien is getting electrocuted.

    The func_rotating bug applies to all Linux HL engine mods and has had a fix via an AMXX plugin for awhile, though having to use one less plugin to fix the game is always nice.
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