Invaders From North, frag movie released

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<div class="IPBDescription">A finnish frag movie</div>A finnish frag movie that I've completed (for now atleast), has been released. You can download it <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>. All frags are from officials. You can watch on full quality on ENSL page, but there's also <a href="" target="_blank">Youtube version</a> (remember to use HD). Flash players show it with maybe 10% less quality though, downloading and watching it with <a href="" target="_blank">VLC</a> or other movie watching software is probably the best choice.

As it uses motion blur heavily, watching it atleast twice might be good idea, a lesson I learned watching Army of wltrs and one which a viewer mentioned.


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    You might want to put a seizure warning up :P

    Obviously quite a bit of work was put into this and while motion blur and video synchronized to the music are cool, i really feel it has been a bit overdone in this video. Not so much the motion blur as the music synchronization. My eyes are still spazzing from watching it. Some movements just become too jittery and jumpy which makes it unpleasant to watch and also makes it almost seem like these guys are using an aimbot. (obviously they aren't, but the way the video was edited makes it seem that way)

    Don't take this the wrong way, just some hopefully constructive criticism from my side ;)

    Besides that some good frags in there.
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