Decoda and VC++ 2008

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Is there anything special I need to know about debugging a process with Lua code in it, compiled in VC++ 2008?

We had a 2003 project and it did work, but when we moved to 2008 it no longer worked. We did restructure the directories a bit, so there's a possibility that has introduced an error as well, but we've tried copying all of the C++ pdbs into the executable directory (previously they were all in the same directory).

I've tried both attaching to the process and starting the process from Decoda. In both cases the lua source-code doesn't show up in the debugger. I've added the lua source files to the project before loading and before attaching.

The specific message I'm getting when I try to open the lua module in Decoda is: "The source code for this script is not available. To view script source code, the script file must be added to the current project, or the debugger must be attached when the client loads the file."

I am using the most recent version of Decoda (1.12).

Any ideas?

Thank you,



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