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Extension for player's experience and in-game immersion

I have recently posted something in the ideas for NS 2 :

The amBX is a set of peripherals that can enlight the surroundings of your computer (ambilight system), blow wind to your face, a shake on your wrist..

Extract of the other thread:

I believe it could be pretty amazing.
Can you imagine walking in an quiet and empty corridor, all of a sudden your keyboard shakes as a skulk bites you, out of cloack?
Or if the whole right side of your wall was getting dark bloody red when being hit by a marine?
Getting the flow of air in your face when jumping from a ladder, only to smash your legs on the floor and feel the keyboard shake.. !
Terrific I believe :p

The SDK is available, so my very first idea was to adapt the system to NS1..


Any idea of where to look for info, what to start with?
Can that be done by myself or does the dev team have to take part?

The ambilight effects should be working anyway (painting the wall behind the screen with the color of areas of the screen).
At first, I was thinking of catching any keyboard event in a third party application:
- left strafe for left fan, right..
- a quick flow of air when jumping, etc...

But then comes the rumbler aspect: reloading, being hit... those are events inside of the system.
Can I access those? Can I hook a DLL somewhere to get callbacks ?
Can scripts make callbacks to something outside of the engine?
Can I open a side-mod tool that communicates with NS1 and catches events or registers somehow?
Can I use the SDK of Half Life 1 to run in parallel something?
I'm just lost..

If someone has enough knowledge, could he start a new post dedicated to the technical issues and put the link here?

Having looked a bit more carefully, this is clearly a reverse-engineering process (and is quite similar to what some people might do to "improve" their stats, say running at extra speed with a sharp knife :p) so would that have issues with VAC ?

Any help is warmly welcomed (opinion from a member of the dev team would be enlighting).

Here, I'm looking for technical help, please give your opinion about the toy ("Extended player immersion") on the other thread to keep things clear.

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