Post YouTube videos plx. Second Encounter.

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That is still all.
I figured it might be time to start this lark up again, and since the old thread is, well, old, and many of the older tags are broken, I figured we'd just start a new thread while we're at it. I'm starting out with Fun With Microwaves, which, incidentally, is not a Youtube video. Sorry.

Edit: Since the thread is only nearing THREE YEARS OLD HOLY ######, now is the time to write a handy tutorial on how the Youtube-tag works. It allows you to embed vidjas, which is neat and fine.

We will use this URL to demonstrate:

First, I will split the URL up, like so:  utGXF5orynk  &feature=related

The center part is what we need, the rest is unimportant. In this case, the important bit is this: utGXF5orynk

Enclose that in [youtube] tags. Open tag and close tag. Like so: [youtube]utGXF5orynk[/youtube]

And presto, you have embedded your Youtube video! If you want to be a total Pimp McFancypants, include the original URL right after the [youtube] tags, so that those so inclined may click upon it rather than with the embedded video. If you do so, strip the garbage from the end, like &feature=related, &feature=player_embedded etc. Also, enclose it in [center] tags so it aligns nicely with the video above it. Remember a space after the open tag so the board still recognizes it as a URL and turns it into a link. Looks nicer that way. Making things look nice makes you a cool person. I know these things. It'll look like this:
[youtube]utGXF5orynk[/youtube] [center] [/center]

If you did everything right, the end result will look like this:

Oh and when you're done, remember to hit preview before you post to check that you did it right. Nothing's worse than ending up with a white box rather than the video you wanted because you ###### it up. Makes you look like an idiot.
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