Opening multiple files at once with same file name.

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This is really getting on my nerves now, why can we not open multiple files from different locations that have the same filename? I'm starting to want to go back to NP++ simply because it can do so.

Right now I'm switching between Decoda and 3 or 4 instances of Notepad so I can have a look at these files simultaneously.

(Also, it preferentially loads files added to the project rather than files which are not.)
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    I run into this A LOT.
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    We also run into this alot. A particular annoyance is when I try to drag and drop a file into Decoda, if there is a file in the current project with the same name it will open that instead of the one I dragged/dropped in. Too many times have I thought I was making quick script changes to a file in another directory just to find those changes in a same named file of current open project.

    It also seem that multiple .deproj files cannot always keep their own directories straight. Working with SVN branches is troublesome if you have them both checked out and you ever need go back and forth between them.

    Outside of the file management issues, I'm having a good time. FYI, we're not using any of the integrated source control features of Decoda, and using Notepad++ alongside it definitely helps ease the pain.

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    Ah, just figured out another case that was confusing me. =P

    Our game loads in a level file that is just lua code. The user can use the editor to make changes and save it back out. No matter how I try to open the new version of the file in Decoda, only the original version that was first loaded shows up. (Probably because I've only done a dofile() on the original version, since I'm making changes to the data directly I don't need to load in the new version)

    Again, another time having Notepad++ on hand helps. I guess if it becomes problematic I could just reload the file after saving it, so Decoda knows about the changes.
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    I'm going to go ahead and fourth this. Especially once the alpha gets released, because it would make it way easier to compare original code vs edited code.
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    hmm, I've ran into this some times, but then I found that it's much easier to have the files with the same name in different projects and have each project open in an own Decoda window.
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