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<div class="IPBDescription">by definition; toggle using 1 key</div>feel free to change the portions after say_team.

This code is to be executed after you've chosen your team. It is really just an example of toggling. [not to be confused with toggling an aim bot].

<!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->// Add your own configuration options in this file
// This file will not be rewritten as config.cfg will

alias MEDME "say_team [MED ME]; impulse 10"
alias AMMOME "say_team [AMMO ME]; impulse 11"
alias ALIENSPOTTED "say_team ENEMY spotted"
alias SCANME "say_team [COMM], scan my position!; impulse 12"
alias ORDERME "say_team [COMM], DROP Here; impulse 12"

alias AMBUSH "say_team :|:Ambushing:|:"
alias MARINESPOTTED "say_team ::ENEMY:: is NEAR!"
alias KILLRTs "say_team Lets MoVe ::TOGETHER::, and TAKE DOWN [RTs]"

alias MYALIEN "bind x AMBUSH;bind z MEDME;bind v MARINESPOTTED;bind b KILLRTs;bind mwheelup +Jump;bind mwheeldown +Jump;bind Mouse3 +popupmenu;bind Mouse2 +movement;echo MyAlien.cfg has been executed;bind l MYMARINE;bind space + Jump"

alias MYMARINE "bind mwheelup +Attack;bind mwheeldown +Attack;bind z MEDME;bind Mouse3 +Attack;bind Mouse2 +popupmenu;bind x AMMOME;bind h ALIENSPOTTED;bind b SCANME;bind v ORDERME;echo MyMarine.cfg has been executed; bind l MYALIEN;bind space +Jump"

bind mwheelup +Attack
bind mwheeldown +Attack
bind z MEDME
bind Mouse3 +Attack
bind Mouse2 +popupmenu
bind x AMMOME
bind b SCANME
bind v ORDERME
bind space +Jump
bind l MYALIEN<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

The purpose of the echo is so you can check your command console for verification. You might be able to see it under debug or developer mode.. I don't know.
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