Regarding the NS2 Soundtrack

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<div class="IPBDescription">How will it be made available?</div>I loved the intro song for Natural Selection, it was a great space-themed, epic-feeling song. I love the score created by Chris Haigh (guy who did the music for the NS2 fan video). And you know what? I have a feeling I'm gonna love the score used in Natural Selection 2. So when I started to see Twitter updates about the soundtrack I got excited!

I have a pretty simple question to the devs:

How do you plan on releasing the OST to Natural Selection 2?

Is it going to be available for free to everyone? Available to anyone who buys the game? Another bonus in the Special Edition? Available on iTunes or through some other median like that (I wouldn't mind this one cause it ultimately comes down to us giving you more money, which I'm always in support of :D)?

Question to the community... how would you want the NS2 OST to be released? Would you mind paying for it or do you want to get it with your copy of the game?


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    Considering that the pre-order special-edition costs twice as much and contains basically only a reskin that 95% of the playerbase (note, nothing special) will have, and the editor tools I think not too many will make use of and an alpha which won't really have much gameplay in it (judging how an alpha usually is seen in other games)... I think it could be included in that pack.

    Wouldn't really care if it was iTunes and paid for but I'd probably not get them if so. Would have to be completely awesome music if so.
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    That's if they release an OST, I was under the impression this was the soundtrack to the game, background music and all that fun stuff.
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