Customization of NS2?

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Will there be a new Subforum?
With the pending release of NS2 comming this fall or later, will we see this subforum restored to its once former glory? Will we see a massive influx of new talent and returning vets? I for one would love to see this place buzzing with releases once again, its a shame its so dead now and has been for the past few years. I guess time will only tell and im looking forward to seeing how easy or hard it will be to create custom content for NS2.

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    I really look forward to it too, this used to be my favourite section. Been doing alot of flash work recently so im looking into creating custom menus for the armory and stuff.
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    Fav section indeed and judging from the brief NS2TR releases and the results from that, I guess this place will explode once NS2 releases and with it the tools!

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    I would love if whole NS Customizitation forum would rise like a phenix ^^
    And not just the one for NS²

    Though sometimes, dreams won't come true ;(
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