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The old thread got stuffed with stupid, time for a clean break. 1.5 was released half a year ago actually, but I forgot about updating the thread on this forum until now. 1.5 took a lot of effort, though the changes may seem insignificant. The new ambient sounds removal is perfect, while the old one was very flawed.

Updated: Version 1.5 is out

I'm sure most of you are already aware of the knifegaming pack which was released about a year back. the nL.ns pack is a completely revamped version of the knifegaming pack, with lots of added goodies and less... dumb.

Version 1.5 (05.02.09)

+ Complete ambient sounds removal.
+ Optimized file sizes.
+ Removed HLTV icon.
- Small motion tracking sprite as default.

Version 1.4 (17.10.07)
+ Transparent Commander techtree.
+ Improved hiveinfo.
+ Improved nineLegends menu background.
+ Outline minimaps.
+ Slight Marine HUD cleanup.
+ Small motion tracking sprite.

Version 1.3 additions
+ Added grepdashv's configs.
+ Added nineLegends NS menu background.
+ Completely reworked crosshairs. More, better, easier.
+ Completely reworked folder structure. Again.
+ Improved and more thorough ambient sounds removal.
+ Improved transparent Commander HUD.
+ No useless weapon sounds (draw, reload, et cetera).
+ Updated Fana's configs.

Version 1.2 additions
+ Improved Hiveinfo.
+ Improved transparent Commander HUD.
+ Removed Marine HUD hack, no longer needed in 3.2final.

Version 1.1 additions

+ Alien upgrades text instead of icons.
+ Cleaned up and improved alien hive information.
+ Minimalistic Marine upgrade icons.
+ New folder structure.
+ Scoreboard weapon text instead of icons.

Version 1.0 features

+ Invisible waypoint icons.
+ Knife Gaming background.
+ Major Marine HUD cleanup.
+ No ambient sounds.
+ No game startup music.
+ No chat beep.
+ Reduced HUD fonts.
+ Several configs from assorted players.
+ Several different crosshairs.
+ Small Alien energy and Cloak bars.
+ Small text fonts.
+ Transparent Commander HUD.

More information, screenshots and download links here


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