Clan Matches

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Ok iv formed a clan
Iv got top players ready for action
I Have my taction ready and able!
now what?

I was thinking how NS clan matches will work for the most part of the users taking 56k and LPBS into the equation, and i came up with a few ways.

2 rounds , 1 hour each (or untill one team wins), the same map is played both rounds but with the teams swaping at the end round1.
Scoring:if one of the teams fails to win then both teams get 1 point for that round , if one team wins a round then they get 2 points, this happens both rounds. so there is a Max of 4 points a match.

Way2- Total all out war! each clan plays as only one team per war, map is played for 2 hours! or untill one team wins, end of the match if there is no winner the team with most points gets 2 points the other team gets 1 , if a team wins they get 3 points

Way3- This is the best imo, but not for friendlys
the league brings in an even amout of teams IE 5 alien teams and 5 marine teams (2 reserve)
there is a universe wide map showing key locations for both teams (like planets , spacestations etc)
the teams are placed on the map , the map should have a linking system where as you can only attack the spaces next to one of your allies, each team can play 1 match a week, when a team loses a fight they fall back to a joining area around them , if there is no place to run too , they lose and there game is over mahahah...
the matchs will be 1 hour long, if there is no winner at the end then both teams keep there locations and can play another match in the week.

ok thats it , rip my tinny ideas to shreads if you wish but i think NS will be amazing in clan matches! tounge.gif
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