SVN SCC provider not functional

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provider recognized, but related menu items are disabled
1.12 (Build 1030)

TamTam is recognized in my project's Settings screen, and I see menu items for source control operations (Check In, Check Out, Undo Check Out, etc) after I point it at the repository (Verify Connection reports success), but they're all gray/disabled (SCC Menu or file-based context menus).

How do I find out if it's Decoda or the SCC provider that's failing?

Edit: Also, When I leave the Settings screen and go back, my settings are retained. If I then "Save Project", close Decoda (exe does fall out of process list, btw), and open it all again (by double-clicking on the DEPROJ file), the Settings screen shows a blank Source Control section -- no provider association at all.

Edit 2: This is running in a VM, if that's relevant. Guest OS: x64 Win7 RC (7100); Host OS: Same - x64 Win7 RC (7100)... I can start over with an XP VM if we think that might help.
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