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I'm not sure if this has been asked before there a plan to include sub-folder tree view in the project explorer panel? This would really help with the current way my lua files are structured and avoid any same file name confusion.

This isn't really drastic, but would be nice since I don't have to switch back and forth between two ides to code and debug lua.


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    I was just about to post the same question.
    I've just purchased Decoda, and the one big thing that I miss about it is this particular feature. The amount of lua files is steadily increasing in my project and without sub folders It's going to become quite a kluster###### to manage them, so please, implement some kind of way to sort your files in the project explorer! (preferably by sub-folders)

    Other than that, Decoda is a really great piece of software =)
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    This is by far the number one requested feature, so we'll get it in there at some point. The reason Decoda doesn't have folders is because we find searching to be much more effective for large projects. To use this, just hit Ctrl+Q then just type what you are looking for (putting a space in front will find anything containing the search word at any point). We understand that not everyone is comfortable with this way of working though, so we'll try to get folders in as soon as possible.
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    I agree, this feature would make the program much more useful, I'd be willing to try Decoda properly if this feature was implemented.
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    Is this going to be added any time soon?
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    I second this. Other games with Lua APIs require certain subfolder structures, and it'd be nice if these could be managed from within Decoda itself. That way you can have Lua files with the same name too, as long as they're in different folders.
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