Go-to-file API command?

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Controlling Decoda from another app
Evaluating the Decoda app right now and was wondering what kind of integration there is with external apps? For example:

In my level editor you can type in the name of a lua script function to call in the "OnEnter" slot of a trigger, for example. What I would really like is a way to click that slot and say "Go to script definition", and then have the script pop up in Decoda, which is running as its own process. Is there anyway I could send a message to Decoda to get it to do this? Seems like it should be easy enough - Decoda can already find symbols, it's just a matter of exposing that command to external apps.

The other feature I'd really like is intellisense data provided from my app - so I can provide Decoda with a list of the functions my app exposes, along with help on each parameter, etc, and then Decoda can expose that to the user in a friendly way. This may be wishful thinking but I thought I'd ask smile-fix.gif

Great product so far though, it's feeling more solid and less setup than the other ones I've tried. I looked at VSLua, which offers better integration, but if Decoda had at least the first feature it would cover that gap very well.
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