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<div class="IPBDescription">Best places to game</div> i don't think i have seen this before so I thought I would being it up. What are the places you play the most or...in your opinion...the best places to play NS. So far I've been sticking to only a few since most have either ungodly lag or too few people to play.

One server that was good...enemies within. But, only has 12 people max last I checked.

There is an austrailian server, low lag...only about 200 I play on as well. Ozforces |s I think it was. something close anyways. What else is out there that I am missing?

Edit...I just noticed about 20 seconds latter the other thread of this. I usually can find servers with good ping it's that the CPU lag is high for all the player. I try to find ones with 20 or more because those are always a blast but...the lag is pretty bad usually because they are running on a machince that is just to slow. Misfire huh...I'll go look it up.


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    there was another thread about this but w/e.

    Go play on my server

    Misfire's NS Server

    i'll get u a ip, but im somewhere else right now.
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    i think it really depends on where you live and where the servers are.

    i find the best client for finding games thus is Gamespy. i can get servers that give around 50 ping!! awesome.

    and in general, it will be smaller servers (less thatn 16 ppl) imho that give the best ping.
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