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<div class="IPBDescription">Any one know any that aren't scams?</div>Hi all,

My girlfriend (a student) is looking to make a little bit of extra money duiring term time - the campus she is at is in the middle of the country side, and there's very few typical student jobs available (shelf stacking, call centres, pubs/bars/restaurants). She's pretty quick at typing (properly, not msn stylee), has good grammar and is very comfortable using most aspects of MS Office. I suggested we have a look around to see if we could find some type-from-home type work for her, ideally avoiding the project bidding sites (tend to find you have to spend hours on there bidding on the jobs, and the typing ones are so massively competetive it's really not worth it).

However, trying to find anything legitimate on this stuff is proving to be very difficult. Majority of the results that comes up are sites claiming they aren't "get rich quick" schemes but so far have pretty much all turned out to be. Or at least require you pay them for a "training package" before you can start earning - not something either of us are comfortable with.

I did some work like this a few years ago but the agency I did it through has since shut down. She's not looking for any dodgy scheme - just genuine work, suitable to do anything from 3-10 or so hours a week - just something she can do without having to go into an office (as there's none near by!)

Any thoughts/advice/suggestions would be much appreciated.


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    Here's how to make money by sitting at home and typing stuff:

    <span style='color:#000000;background:#000000'>be a writer</span>
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    not a good time to make money with the printed word... <a href="http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/03/19/newspaper.decline.layoff/index.html" target="_blank">http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/03/19/newspaper...yoff/index.html</a>

    if you think about the demand for work-at-home, no-experience-necessary jobs, and you compare it to the supply of those jobs... well, let's just say even getting a minimum wage work at home job these days is probably just about as likely as hitting the lottery.
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    aye thought it might be a bit of a long shot - nevermind!
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    The closest I ever found was amazons mechanical turk.
    <a href="https://www.mturk.com/mturk/welcome" target="_blank">https://www.mturk.com/mturk/welcome</a>
    It's pretty simple, people post jobs that need to be done and how much they are paying. You do the job and if the buyer is satisfied you get paid. However don't expect to be even making minimum wage unless you get lucky and find a really easy high-paying assignment, of which there are few. I did make $10 in 30 minutes once by picking up an assignment that had me make accounts on 15 different websites then give the email address/password combo for them all to the buyer (I assume they were used for spamming or such, makes me feel kind of dirty) but ones like this are rare.
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    How about a phone-advertisement job?
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    How about a job as a professional child rapist? That's about equally non-detestable.
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    not a lot of money in that though, is there?
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    If you manage restraint you could ask for ransom money.
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