The Others Chapter 6

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A pod of some kind was drifting in space. It was covered in green moss-like bacteria. Drifting. Drifting closer and closer to earth..

Inside this strange pod, the bacterium, known only as The Kharra, survived. The empty vacuum of space sucked away all oxygen, but the gorge inside didn't need any.

The creature-a Gorge-scuttled around its small confined space. The memory, fresh in its mind. The red, roiling flames rolling towards the eggs and hives in the space port, where it had been tending a hive. The aliens running and flying towards the space port exit, and then, suddenly, the pod had shot around it and was ejected into space. Behind it, the boiling flames burst out of the glowing bacteria-covered spaceport. Shreds of egg and hive and alien alike burst into space, only to be burned apart by the juggernaut of destruction caused by the nuclear missiles.

But not the gorge.

The gorge waddled closer to the center of the pod, where a wad of resources had been caught in the pod. The gorge stuck its head into the wad and drank deeply. Its head swam as it backed away to a corner of the pod and lie down. A thick, pink, gelatinous shell formed around the gorge, and its body began to change. Its muscles thickened. Its yellowish skin faded to a deep, shining black. Its claws twisted and melded together, forming a drill-like protuberance. Its wrist joints began to loosen.

Then it hatched...

The Others Chapter 6

It was a bright spring day on earth. The birds were singing and chirping. A man walked out onto the veranda of his home. It was such a glorious day to be alive.
Lewis walked back into his house, and sat at the table there. It had been a month since the S.S Pioneer incident. In that time, there had been no Kharra infestations or attacks.
It seemed as if The Kharra had finally gone away.

Either that, Lewis pondered, or they were planning something.

Something big.

Shaking his head, Lewis reminded himself that the best thing he could do was maintain his health, so that if and when the Kharra attacked again, he would be ready. Walking into his living room, he lay down and closed his eyes. He tried his best not to sleep... Whenever he slept, the nightmares would start again. He would hear the screams of his comrades and friends as the Kharra killed them, on that day a month ago. Despite his best efforts, he slipped into sleep.

"Run! RUN!!!"

The screams echoed in his head. Lewis found himself in a steel corridor aboard a ship. He had no guns. He was merely a spectral observer. He watched as his friends tried to escape the Kharra and were chased down and devoured, or ripped apart, or captured and dragged away screaming to be used as food later on.
In a puddle of spilled blood, a single radio remained. It broadcast "Unit U2944, Report to Com Center Immediately."

The radio kept broadcasting it. Lewis realized it was from the radio by his couch. He tried to pull himself out of the nightmare, but shapes, ghostly but almost solid, were trying to pull him back down. Lewis clawed desperately towards the light.

He started awake, sweating profusely. The forms in the dream had seemed so real. Tearing himself away from the nightmare, he picked up the radio and acknowledged.

Consider this story a beta for now. I will come back later and finish it off. For now, I'm out of time.
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