The others Chapter 4.

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<div class="IPBDescription">The nightmare continues...</div>The Others.. Chapter 4.

The nightmare continues...

Darkest chapter yet, still contains blood & gore,and swearing. Read at your own risk. If you are offended by any language or gore in this, its your own fault.

"The S.S. Pioneer was hanging in space. A fierce battle raged on it. The remaining marines had set up a base in the cockpit. They had set up sonic cannons and turrets, which were besieging the numerous hives. A wave of skulks rushed forward, but were mowed down under the combined force of HMG and turret fire.

Pvt. Brodie was watching the carnage. Shaking his head, he muttered to himself. He had to admire the damned things persistence. Wave after wave of the creatures had been destroyed utterly by the mounted HMGs and chainguns, and still they were rushing forward. Still muttering to himself, he turned briskly and walked towards the armory. He pulled out his shotgun. It was time to hunt some aliens..

In a corridor far off in the ship, where the Kharra infestation had completely taken hold, a body-one of many in the corridor that used to lead to the commandants office, which was now the mother hives room-stirred. Groaning in agony but barely able to make any noise, the marine-if it was a marine-stood up. Shambling. Three tentacles dangled out of its wrist. The nails were long and jagged. Its teeth dripped with venom, razor sharp. It was no longer a human, but couldn't really be called an alien.. It was more of a hybrid. A mutant created by a parasitic Kharra type. The creature's savior scuttled around its feet-a gorge. It had healed the creature in the aliens chest. Somehow, though, the marine was still alive.

He regained consciousness slowly, but immediately wished he hadn't. The agony was so intense that he almost fainted again. He felt his body jerking against his will, due to that other presence that now shared his mind. The presence sensed him, and buried him under a wave of agony. His body shambled dully towards a horde of its fellows. The marine tried to scream, but he couldn't.

Several other forms stood up beside him. The group of zombies shambled towards the horde....

*Meanwhile, somewhere near the base..*

Everything was in chaos. There was nothing. Nothing but chaos. The chaos was his constant companion. The marine ran along the corridor. Behind them, the constant pounding continued. He could hear them.. He could still hear them. The screams of his fellows as the creatures had taken them. Bitten them. Ripped them. And finally, as the marines had gone down in agony....They had taken them over. He could still hear the screams... The first to go had been Pete. Or was it Joe? It hardly seemed to matter. All that mattered was they were gone. Forever. And behind them, he heard them as well. As the creatures chased them. The creatures that used to be his friends. The marine turned and fired at the slavering creatures. Uttering a cry of deep loss, he pulled a T-4 grenade, primed it, and dropped it. Diving into the escape pod, he hit the juice. The doors slammed shut behind him, and he was safe. The marines mind just couldn't take anymore stress. He collapsed to the floor and sweet, merciful unconsciousness took him.

*Back at the base..*

The Kharra were no longer rushing forwards. Brodie figured they were gathering their strength for a unified attack. And the moans...He could still hear those awful moans. And he had seen one of the creatures. The things that used to be marines. Mutations. There were great numbers of them, shambling around and acting as workers for the hive. They were gathering. Most of the marines had stayed long enough to refill the chain guns and turrets so that the aliens could not immediately rush to the escape pods and then taken off. Brodie would have, too, but his escape pod had been damaged. Thankfully, the chain guns and turrets were holding them off until the welders could finish repairing the escape ship-and fitting TNMLs to the underside. The high-powered missiles would punch through the Pioneers armor, destroying the forsaken ship, once and for all. The only creatures left were the aliens. No more marines-other than the unlucky victims of the parasites... And they were no longer marines. Once the repairs were finished, the marines were taking no ceremonies or saying goodbyes. They intended to blow the ship to hell, along with every bacterial ###### left on the vessel.

Then, the attack began. First came a wave of the slow marine zombies. They were mowed down easily as the skulks had been. Then more waves of the zombies came. Above the fifth wave, three Lerks flew. They were gunned down by the turrets as well, but not before launching clouds of spore. The spore-resistant Armour the marines wore would prevent it from harming them. They snapped gas masks over their faces and continued fighting. The last of the Lerks screamed and fell flat to the piles of bodies. The chain guns steamed down and the turrets whirred. A movement came from the piles of bodies. A pitiful form climbed out, and started dragging itself towards the turret line. The marines manning the turrets held their fire though. The movements were unmistakeably human. They dragged the mutilated human into the camp.

"Bou..nd me...for safe...ty...."

The ravaged marine managed to get out.

The marines strapped him down.

"Please..kill me...release me..havent got...much time..before it...takes over..."

The tentacles whipped around and hit one marine, confirming the dying mans suspicions.

Brodie nodded and pulled out his pistol. He put it to the marines chest and fired. A look of peaceful bliss came over his face as he finally was released from the pain.

One of the welders-Pier-walked in. "The welding is finished, senior." "Good work, Pier. Get in and strap yourself in."

"Yes.... loco."

"I told you not to call me that!" Brodie shouted after the man as he scuttled into the pod chuckling happily. Inside, though, Brodie's and the other marines days were brightened up by the always-optimistic Pier. The last of the marines were in the pod, along with the last of the bases food, water and technology. The pod juddered and ejected. Brodie hit the launch button for the twin laser missiles the pods were normally equipped with. The ship shook even more as it ejected its load. The S.S Pioneer juddered and shook in its last moments of life, like the death throes of a great beast. Then the engines caught fire and the ship exploded.

The marine was in agony as he shambled around, working for the hive. The flames roiled towards him, consuming the ship. The alien inhabiting him panicked, like many others, and the marines had control again. Just for a few seconds. But enough for the marines to leap into the flames. The marine felt an almost unbearable bliss as he was finally released from the agony. The flesh melted off his face, and his skull was bare. His soul departed for the afterlife.

The S.S Pioneer was finished, the alien nightmare was over. The marines were going home. The newly promoted Lt. Brodie sat back and sipped a cup of coffee. Thinking of his friend Lewis, he hoped he had survived. "Si, senior, that is one big boom!" Brodie nodded. He sipped some more coffee. It had been a long day.

Floating in space, still with a bit of flesh on it, the marines skull floated around in space. It was smiling.


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    Table of contents.

    Note from the author

    Note from the author:

    I have put alot of time and effort into the others. I hope you have liked what i've written so far.

    I will never run out of material. Releases may be far between, because I have time restraints. But i still hope you enjoy this. Good day, reader. By the way, Kudos to Halo, from which I got and still get much inspiration.

    Bestiary of the others!!

    ==#1: The Plantmaster ==


    This guy was originally going to be a large hive-like structure that had attached to the engines and was controlling numerous plant-like creatures that would hinder the marines alot. However, I cut him. He was brought back in the form of the huge Kharra plant alien that attacks and almost kills Brodie in chapter 3.

    =Known number=
    One, possibly more

    A main stalk, with many tentacles that it uses to pull in food.

    Can travel virtually anywhere, cloaking.

    Anything alive but Kharra.

    ==#2: The Parasite ==

    I felt that, ultimately, no horrifying alien species is complete without a parasitic monster. So I added this delightful fellow. He is strongly based off the flood, who have always horrified me.

    =Known number=
    Too many to count.

    A spikier, faster version of the skulk, that can take over humanoids.

    Parasitic complete and total control over a body. Can run very fast and climb walls like normal skulks, but can not leap.

    Minds and flesh of whatever it takes over.

    ==#3: Marombie ==

    Again, these monsters are very strongly based off the Flood from Halo. (don't sue me please..) They are the puppets of Parasites.

    =Known number=
    Too many to count.

    Formerly TSA marines, they have been mutated into alien zombie slaves.

    Great stamina, high health and very powerful blows. Some versions also have the ability to spit acid. Also have a venomous bite.

    Metal, Flesh or Wood. Its venom melts it down into biodegradable slush, which is swallowed down the esophagus to the parasite, which is under the esophagus.

    ==#4: Ghost ==

    A creature from the very darkest depths of my imagination. It's a mix of the fade and the witch from Left 4 dead.(Yet again-PLEASE DO NOT SUE ME!!)

    =Known Number=
    Not actually known, all of them are invisible. It could be simply one sentient entity.

    Unknown what they look like.

    Constant cloaking, great strength, Telekinesis

    Mainly humans. Seems to favor parts such as the brain, stomach and liver. Will supplement with Kharra when available.

    ==#5: Tentacle ==

    One of the tentacles of the Plantmaster.

    A tentacle.

    Blinding speed, great strength.

    Whatever the plantmaster eats.


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    Had to look for your part one and part two.

    Commenting as a whole, that means from part one to four, I would have to say that the story gets a little convulated at part one and two. I do not really get to see the point of those two parts in the whole arc of things. It was like they were filler parts and served no real purpose in driving the story.

    the writing is pretty okay, with interesting narrative but it could be improved. Maybe put in a bit more atmosphere and describe things more. Especially the environment. For characters, it is too short to say anything about them except they are your standard grunts. It would be nice to flesh them out a bit more. Hopefully i will see that in the future. Try and get more insight on character's thoughts.

    I like the new aliens. But, I wouldn't put them in a "beastiary" seperate from the story. I would rather u include the description of the aliens somehow in the story instead of having something else to explain them. Pardon me but it just seems lazy and detracts from the experience.

    How did the kharaa get on board the ship anyway? Maybe I overlooked that but if I didn't, I hope you can explain it in the next part. One more thing. It seems that the Kharaa are grossly underpowered and rely solely on numbers to win. A few guns can hold back waves of aliens which seem a bit overpowered to me.

    That's just my opinion. I hope to see more coming soon. Keep up the writing. I didn't.
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    edited May 2009
    Thank you for the criticism! I am a new writer and welcome advice and tips from a senior writer. I loved your series, and I still hope that you would start it again. Let me try and answer your questions.

    I used parts one and two more as a filler, yes, to introduce the whole conflict between the marines and aliens. I only used the characters in part one as pawns in the greater scheme of things, never intending to use them as main characters. This is why Takee and Commander Peter were both killed at the end of chapter one. This was also a tool to introduce the new types of Kharra that I planned to later add, A.K.A the Kharra encampment that had been brutalized by the Ghost. In chapter 2, I introduced Lewis as a main character. In chapter 3, a time-warp had occurred. This is to make the reader wonder what happened in that time. Part 5 will mainly detail what happened on Uilin. Part 6 will bring us back to the main conflict.

    The reason I didn't include the Bestiary in chapter 4 was because of two things:

    A. I hit writers block.
    B. I didn't get over the block until I thought of the Bestiary, and by then I couldn't add it to the story.

    Another thing you wanted to know is why the Kharra were so weak. This is because, as I said, the marines had set up siege cannons and were killing any Rts, hives or structures nearby. The skulks were the only units fast enough to get their in waves. Stronger aliens, many of which I have yet to introduce, were on their way, but the marines took off before they arrived.

    The Kharra got on the ship by way of an air vent. When the ship docked at a Kharra-infested planet(Uilin, to link the story) the infestation entered the air vents, where a hive formed. However, the Kharra could not get out of the vents because of an emergency lockdown. When the ship took off again and the lockdown was called off, the vents were opened again and the infestation spread, and this is when chapter 3 takes place. I will keep writing, and once again, thank you for the advice and criticism! :-]
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