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  • SewlekSewlek The programmer previously known as Schimmel Join Date: 2003-05-13 Member: 16247Members, NS2 Developer, NS2 Playtester, Squad Five Gold, Subnautica Developer
    i like that idea about latching.

    I would even suggest it as secondary attack for bite. (so always avaible, even with no hive)
    But skulks should not be able to latch on the arm of a heavy armor. (and not JP? depends on balancing)

    It would fit perfectly, it would encourage team-play on both teams.

    1vs1 marine vs. skulk: the marine would still have an advantage. Due to initial damage he is
    dealing during the time the skulk is decreasing its distance to the marine and after wards skulk
    has no adrenaline anymore to be fully effective. in general it depends on players skill

    1vs2: one skulk latching and one dealing damage -> rambo marine is dead
    2vs2: same as 1vs1, depends on players skill
  • DeadmanDieingDeadmanDieing Join Date: 2004-02-23 Member: 26811Members, Constellation
    there was already a pin device in NS1, Web anyone?? while it only lasted a few seconds it was long enough to get rid of unwanted marines in a 3 hive game.

    Also if they are going to be putting in group spawning, then picking off rines going anywhere isn't going to work for skulks to suicide to lower the numbers, I know in the past going all out to kill a marine or 2 goes a long way when they are trying to seige a hive. Gives aliens more time to get to where the marines are to stop the build. what is going to end up happening is that alien skulks are going to have to wait until the marines let down there guard enough to take out the whole group. whick will require a group to do.

    so the chances of lone aliens taking down groups of marins will pretty much be over.
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