New Server (unique features inside)

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<div class="IPBDescription">constellation res. slots and more</div>Hi there,

just wanted to present a new server with some unique features..

Servername: [ConstellationSlots/AdvancedBalance]
Slots: 32 (2 reserved slots)


Constellation members get reserved slot and amx_vote rights.
Developers get full amx admin rights minus immunity, playtesters get amx ban/kick rights.
The server runs a new kind of skill-rating system which is not expected to be bug-free.
The Kills-field in the score tab is your skill-rating. You cannot see your kills.
This server does not run any game-altering plugin except for SpawnProtection.
Combat games do not affect your skill-rating.

The Top10-rated players can be seen on <a href="" target="_blank"></a> (page under construction)
The stats/rating plugin is designed to balance out the teams. While it is similar to the "toggle random" plugin by MrCoffee, it is a lot more sophisticated regarding the actual skill determination (considering player score, rage quitting and time played).
It doesnt auto-randomize the players though.
Please note, this plugin has not really been tested on a live server yet, so expect bugs.

Some final words:
This server is aimed at the general NS audience. While mp_bs is 0, this should not be considered a "pro"/competitive server.
And there is cake.

Hope to see you ingame :)



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