Choppy Maps

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<div class="IPBDescription">Some maps get choppy graphically, HL problem or GPU driver issue?</div>I have noticed for my computer a couple of areas on maps and a couple of maps seem to be choppy for no reason in particular. I cannot remember when they became choppy or what changed. Was wondering if anyone else experiences this and knows or has a solution?

ns_metal in the surface hive/ storage d/heating room are fairly choppy.
co_daimos entire map is choppy

The question is it a graphics driver issue(running the latest driver to play L4D) so that could be the issue or did Half-Life get updated and got some graphics change that messed with select cards?

My guess is graphics driver. Running ATI 9800xt, and now upgraded to X1650Pro and have the same problem. The question is this a specific ATI problem or not? In game another person who had similar problems told me he had an nVidia card so...

Just trying to figure it out because its annoying.....


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    I've got the same problem on Vista with ATI card.

    There were some suspicions it was somehow related to the func_nobuild feature in maps, but on the other hand Daimos has it also, which makes it a little mysterious. Meanwhile Hera MS area and some areas in Metal support the nobuild theory as both have a lot of nobuild on outdoor areas. So far I've just avoided those maps as much as I can, but especially Metal is a difficult one to avoid due to it's status as a competetive map.
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