Problem Selection Structures

StoneToadStoneToad Join Date: 2002-11-02 Member: 4053Members, Constellation
<div class="IPBDescription">upgradeing structurs as commander</div> I was playing a game as commander the other day and had some major problems seleting structures. We'd build a base in eclipse command on ns_eclipse. I was trying to upgrade the armory and one of the turret factorys (we had 2 at that point) but was unable to select them. When I tryed to click on the armory or turret factory it would select one of the nearby sgs. I eventualy swaped command with one of the other people to get the armory upgraded and was able to get an upgraded turret factory by placeing one farther away from the sgs and scrolling my view untill there was only the turret factory visible. This seemed to intermitently. I was also getting problems dropping weapons and placeing the sgs.

Anyone else have this problem, and any ways to fix it?
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