The others part 2

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===TSA mission log===
Time: 01200 hours
Location: Dropship X-12154, inbound to Planet Uilin

Lewis shifted uncomfortably in the dropship's leather seat. Like many of the other TSA marines present, he was nervous as hell and on edge. He checked his Shottie for the hundreth time, clipped on two grenades and an extra ammo pack and relaxed. The ship was landing soon, and they would go and battle the terrifying bacteria known as the Kharra. The war with the Kharra was not going well. The TSA was suffering staggering losses, and recruitment rates skyrocketed. "The reason im here" Lewis reminded himself.

Lewis had been born and raised on Space Colony X-17. He lived there til he was 15. Then....the Kharra had come. The colony was completely taken over by The Kharra. The mutation of all living creatures on it, including humans, was still fresh in Lewis's mind. Lewis had been evacuated along with a substantial amount of the Colonies civilians after being rescued from the Kharra's hive, where he had been held. He still remembered it. He pulled up the small Ration Dispenser that was set every two seats and typed in "Beer" on it. Out of the hole in the top popped a glass bottle marked "Hobson's Quality Wheat Brew." "Quality my ass" muttered Lewis. The beer tasted more like Kharra piss than like beer, but it helped take his mind off that horrible day 7 years ago. The dropship shuddered and out of the speakers came the captains voice. "We are landing in 10 seconds. Brace yourselves."

Location:Surface of Planet Uilin, Base Tango.
Time:01230 hours.

Lewis and several other marines walked along the metal corridor towards the ominous door at the end. The door automatically slid open for them, letting them into a dark, shabby briefing room where several other marines already sat. Drill instructor Salung Z. Yashamita watched until they were all seated, then pressed a button on the monitor.

"This is the objective of our mission." The instructor pointed at the screen, which now showed a image of a monstrous Kharra that looked like a cross between a Rhino and a Cow, 2 extinct animals.

"This is a very, very, dangerous mission." The drill instructor pressed another button on the monitor, and a helmet recording of a marine flickered on. The marine was firing at one of the monstrous beasts, which was wreacking havoc on two whole squadrons of heavily armed marines. The bullets seemed to bounce off its thick Carapace. The marines watched in horror as the beast impaled a marine with its horn, then used it to fling his body at three more, hurling them back against the wall and snapping their spines. Soon the recording marine was the only one left alive. The beast, growling like a engine, rushed at him. The thing opened its mouth and bit down on the marine, giving the camera a brief glance of its throat before the camera ran out of memory space.

"Found that helmet in a pile of dung. The thing that's dangerous about this beast is that two squadrons of heavy marines couldnt take it out, and it can eat you alive." "Thats why we are gonna kill these ######s while they're still gestating. Marines, MOVE OUT."

As the marines were heading towards the door, the drill instructor called one last warning.

"Those eggs are sure to be heavily guarded by the Kharra, so take along some heavy weaponry and jetpacks."

Chapter 3 soon.

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