A certain lack of a mid-game in NS

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Well, I hadn't played NS in quite a while. Last time I played was shortly after that major update that changed the kharaa a lot - hive became cheaper, you could become onos with one hive, etc.

Well, the thing I remember thinking back immediately after that release was how the mid-game basically disappeared. Whereas before with balanced teams, typically the kharaa would get a second hive, then there'd be a long battle as the kharaa attempted to get a third and then finish off the marines. There'd often be numerous upsets, with it being unclear who'd win for some length of time. After the release I'm referring to, this middle period seemed to disappear. Basically, one team won within minutes or was placed in a situation where they would eventually win a few more minutes later.

Well, I figured this was just because the release was new, and other things took precedence for a year or two. But, I came back and played again today, and it seems much the same. Games are far, far shorter, there's almost never extended battles, and the game is much less interesting to me because of it. I think some of what I saw was due to a playerbase that isn't as good as it once was, but not entirely.

Am I just having bad experiences, or has the game really changed in this fundamental way?

And on one final note, it seems like basic marines have a much easier time killing skulks with the LMG now. Or is that just my imagination too?


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    I've always thought 3.2 has the best mid-game ns ever. If my memory serves me right, most 1.0 era games were over when the 2nd hive went up. After that everything got webbed and fades stood in umbra and acided up the marine start. You'd really need ha or jp up at that point. Nowadays the 2nd hive triggers a res war that goes on for relatively long periods of time unless the marines were dominated early game or failed to get any crucial PGs up. At some point AA, mt and maybe proto are added depending on how well the res war goes and the game drifts to the late game. The whole post 2nd hive is probably the most entertaining and variable part of the whole game now. All the tech and lifeforms being used and a lot of new options are avaible.

    The game lengts have got a little shorter, but on the other hand not every hopeless game goes on for ages. Two well balanced teams can still fight 35+ minutes full of action. I guess the game has gotten more polished and optimized. I like it like this, since its metagame and logic make much more sense now and the games don't end up being totally stalled for long periods of time, but on the other hand I can see people missing the old versions with the 2h+ games and sense of epicness.

    Skulk hitboxes and the server performance have been improved during the development, so I guess its easier to hit a skulk nowadays. Some people have also got a lot better at aiming.
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    I must admit, I think I may have spoken a bit too soon. I played on a couple of larger servers, which had players that were more motivated (and more skilled, I think). There was indeed still a mid-game. Not sure if I liked it more or less than the old mid game, but it was certainly there, and I was having a lot more fun than in my earlier games. Think I just jumped the gun in my judgement.
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    I know exactly what you're talking about. I remember those 2-3 hour long games where marines eventually move into a hive and aliens take marine start. I think that only happened because no one was really good. Now that players know what's going on, once they break the other team's back, they don't give the other team a chance anymore. And yeah, as you said, if the teams are even, games can still be epic.
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    Oh yeah, forgot to mention:
    Those epic 2 hour games still happen. Get 8 people that are totally new to NS and 4 people that have played it for a week and put them in ns_hera.

    Super-duper intense 30 minute+ pugs can also happen if teams are even.
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