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// Joe2's config (Natural selection 3.2) //

//---Var init
cl_autohelp    "0"
hud_fastswitch "1"
bgmvolume      "1.00"

alias flashlight "impulse 100"
alias weldhealme "impulse 14"
alias dropweapon "impulse 3"
alias spraylogo  "impulse 201"
alias taunt      "impulse 9"
alias lwait      "wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"

// Run/Walk toggle (don't work with mp_blockscript 1)
alias runwalk "+running"
alias +running "+speed;alias runwalk -running"
alias -running "-speed;alias runwalk +running"

// Move up toggle (don't work with mp_blockscript 1)
alias tmoveup "+tgmoveup"
alias +tgmoveup "+moveup;alias tmoveup -tgmoveup"
alias -tgmoveup "-moveup;alias tmoveup +tgmoveup"

// Crouch toggle (now: toggleduck)
//alias crouch "+crouching"
//alias +crouching "+duck;alias crouch -crouching"
//alias -crouching "-duck;alias crouch +crouching"

// Map's Label change
alias labelmap_off    "cl_labelmaps 0; alias labelmap labelmap_on"
alias labelmap_on     "cl_labelmaps 1; alias labelmap labelmap_tr_off"
alias labelmap_tr_off "cl_labelmaps 2; alias labelmap labelmap_tr_on"
alias labelmap_tr_on  "cl_labelmaps 3; alias labelmap labelmap_off"

// +hook
alias +Ahook  "alias -Ahook Shook; wait; +hook"
alias -Ahook  "wait"
alias Shook "-hook; wait; alias -Ahook wait"

// Prev&Next Weapon (sinvprev&cinvprev don't work with mp_blockscript 1)
alias cinvprevS "invprev; +attack; wait; -attack"
alias cinvprev  "cinvprevS"
alias cinvnext  "impulse 1"

alias sinvprev "cinvprev; slotinit"
alias sinvnext "cinvnext; slotinit"

//=== Team select ===

// Join team
alias join_team_one "Marine_slotinit; jointeamone"
alias join_team_two "Alien_slotinit;  jointeamtwo"
alias join_random   "Alien_slotinit;  autoassign"

//=== Alien ===

//---Ability definition (using slotX is better with lag)
alias Ability1 "slot1"
alias Ability2 "slot2"
alias Ability3 "slot3"
alias Ability4 "slot4"
//alias Ability1 "weapon_bitegun;    weapon_spit;         weapon_bite2gun;     weapon_swipe;         weapon_claws"
//alias Ability2 "weapon_parasite;   weapon_healingspray; weapon_spore;        weapon_blink;         weapon_devour"
//alias Ability3 "weapon_leap;       weapon_bilebombgun;  weapon_umbra;        weapon_metabolize;    weapon_stomp"
//alias Ability4 "weapon_divinewind; weapon_webspinner;   weapon_primalscream; weapon_acidrocketgun; weapon_charge"

//alias smovement "weapon_bitegun; weapon_spit; weapon_bite2gun; weapon_swipe; weapon_claws; +movement"
alias smovement "weapon_bitegun; weapon_spit; weapon_bite2gun; +movement"

//---Slot initialisation
alias Alien_slotinit "Aslotinit; alias slotinit RAslotinit; alias fslotinit Aslotinit"

alias RAslotinit "wait"

alias Aslotinit  "alias +fslot1 Ability2; alias +fslot2 Ability3; alias +fslot3 Ability4; alias +fslot4 Ability1; Aslotinit2"
alias Aslotinit2 "alias -fslot1 wait;     alias -fslot2 wait;     alias -fslot3 wait;     alias -fslot4 wait;     Aslotinit3"
alias Aslotinit3 "alias +fslotS smovement; alias -fslotS -movement; alias +reloadflash flashlight; alias -reloadflash wait; slot1"

//---Morphing alias
alias morph_Skulk "impulse 113"
alias morph_Gorge "impulse 114"
alias morph_Lerk  "impulse 115"
alias morph_Fade  "impulse 116"
alias morph_Onos  "impulse 117"

//---Build Alias
alias build_hive     "impulse 95"
alias build_restower "impulse 90"
alias build_offence  "impulse 91"
alias build_defense  "impulse 92"
alias build_movement "impulse 94"
alias build_sensory  "impulse 93"

//=== Marine ===
// -> Marine slot weapon:
//      Mslot1 = Primary Weapon
//      Mslot2 = Pistol
//      Mslot3 = Knife
//      Mslot4 = Swap between Grenade and Mine
//      Mslot5 = Welder

//---Weapon definition
//alias weapon1 "slot1"
//alias weapon2 "slot2"
//alias weapon3 "slot3"
//alias weapon4 "slot4"
alias weapon1  "weapon_machinegun; weapon_shotgun; weapon_heavymachinegun; weapon_grenadegun"
alias weapon2  "weapon_pistol"
alias weapon3  "weapon_knife"
alias weapon4  "weapon_welder"
alias weapon5a "weapon_mine; weapon_grenade"
alias weapon5b "weapon_grenade; weapon_mine"

//---Slot definition
alias Mslot1 "weapon1; alias Mslot4 Mslot4a"
alias Mslot2 "weapon2; alias Mslot4 Mslot4a"
alias Mslot3 "weapon3; alias Mslot4 Mslot4a"
alias Mslot4 "Mslot4a"
alias Mslot4a "weapon5a; alias Mslot4 Mslot4b"
alias Mslot4b "weapon5b; alias Mslot4 Mslot4a"
alias Mslot5 "weapon4; alias Mslot4 Mslot4a"

//---Slot initialisation
alias Marine_slotinit "Mslotinit; alias slotinit RMslotinit; alias fslotinit Mslotinit"

alias RMslotinit "alias Mslot4 Mslot4a"

alias Mslotinit  "alias +fslot1 Mslot2;  alias +fslot2 Mslot3; alias +fslot3 Mslot4; alias +fslot4 Mslot5; alias +fslotS Mslot1; Mslotinit2"
alias Mslotinit2 "alias -fslot1 wait;    alias -fslot2 wait;   alias -fslot3 wait;   alias -fslot4 wait;   alias -fslot5 wait;   Mslotinit3"
alias Mslotinit3 "alias +reloadflash +reload; alias -reloadflash -reload; alias Mslot4 Mslot4a; slot1"

//=== Cheat mode alias (sv_cheat 1) ===
alias giveres      "givexp; givepoints"
alias giveHA       "give item_heavyarmor"
alias giveJP       "give item_jetpack"
alias givewelder   "give weapon_welder"
alias givecatalyst "give item_catalystr"
alias giveammo     "give item_genericammo"
alias givehp       "give item_health"
alias givehive     "spawnhive"

//=== Default ===

"blank"             "=========================="
"blank"             " Movement"
"blank"             "=========================="
"+forward"          "Move forward"
"+back"             "Move backward"
"+moveleft"         "Move left (strafe)"
"+moveright"        "Move right (strafe)"
"+left"             "Turn left (optional)"
"+right"            "Turn right (optional)"
"+jump"             "Jump"
"+duck"             "Duck"
"+speed"            "Walk"
"+moveup"           "Swim up"
"+movedown"         "Swim down"
"+lookup"           "Look up"
"+lookdown"         "Look down"
"centerview"        "Look straight ahead"
"+strafe"           "Strafe modifier"
"+mlook"            "Mouse look modifier"
"+klook"            "Keyboard look modifier"
"blank"             "=========================="
"blank"             " Weapons and items"
"blank"             "=========================="
"+use"              "Use/build"
"+attack"           "Attack"
"+reload"           "Reload weapon (old)"
"flashlight"        "Flashlight"
"+showmap"          "Show map"
"labelmap"          "Toggle label of map"
"+showscores"       "Display multiplayer scores"
"invprev"           "Previous weapon (old)"
"invnext"           "Next weapon (old)"
"lastinv"           "Last used weapon"
"spraylogo"         "Spray logo"
"slot1"             "Slot 1"
"slot2"             "Slot 2"
"slot3"             "Slot 3"
"slot4"             "Slot 4"
"slot5"             "Slot 5"
"slot6"             "Slot 6"
"slot7"             "Slot 7"
"slot8"             "Slot 8"
"slot9"             "Slot 9"
"slot10"            "Slot 0"
"dropweapon"        "Drop weapon"
"blank"             "=========================="
"blank"             " Script"
"blank"             "=========================="
"runwalk"           "[BS0] Run/Walk (toggle)"
"tmoveup"           "[BS0] Move up (toggle)"
"toggleduck"        "Duck (toggle)"
"+reloadflash"      "Alien sight (A) / Reload (M)"
"+fslot1"           "Ability 2 (A) / Pistol (M)"
"+fslot2"           "Ability 3 (A) / Knife (M)"
"+fslot3"           "Ability 4 (A) / Gren/Mine (M)"
"+fslot4"           "Ability 1 (A) / Welder (M)"
"+fslotS"           "Special (A) / Primary Weapon (M)"
"sinvprev"          "[BS0] Previous FastWeapon"
"sinvnext"          "Next FastWeapon"
"blank"             "=========================="
"blank"             " Communication"
"blank"             "=========================="
"+popupmenu"        "Pop-up menu (important)"
"+voicerecord"      "Use voice communication"
"taunt"             "Taunt"
"messagemode"       "Chat message"
"messagemode2"      "Team message"
"weldhealme"        "Weld me (M) / Heal me (A)"
"blank"             "=========================="
"blank"             " Marine hotkeys"
"blank"             "=========================="
"impulse 80"        "Request orders"
"impulse 81"        "Acknowledge orders"
"impulse 10"        "Need health"
"impulse 11"        "Need ammo"
"blank"             "=========================="
"blank"             " Commander hotkeys"
"blank"             "=========================="
"impulse 105"       "Select all soldiers"
"impulse 123"       "Go to order request"
"impulse 124"       "Go to ammo request"
"impulse 125"       "Go to health request"
"blank"             "=========================="
"blank"             " Alien hotkeys"
"blank"             "=========================="
"build_offence"     "Build offensive chamber"
"build_defense"     "Build defense chamber"
"build_movement"    "Build movement chamber"
"build_sensory"     "Build sensory chamber"
"build_restower"    "Build resource tower"
"build_hive"        "Build hive"
"morph_Skulk"       "Morph to Skulk"
"morph_Gorge"       "Morph to Gorge"
"morph_Lerk"        "Morph to Lerk"
"morph_Fade"        "Morph to Fade"
"morph_Onos"        "Morph to Onos"
"impulse 101"       "Evolve Carapace"
"impulse 102"       "Evolve Regeneration"
"impulse 103"       "Evolve Redemption"
"impulse 107"       "Evolve Celerity"
"impulse 108"       "Evolve Adrenaline"
"impulse 109"       "Evolve Silence"
"impulse 110"       "Evolve Cloaking"
"impulse 111"       "Evolve Focus"
"impulse 112"       "Evolve Scent of Fear"
"blank"               "=========================="
"blank"               " Server mod"
"blank"               "=========================="
"say_team /menu"      "/menu"
"say_team /xmenu"     "/xmenu"
"say /buildmenu"      "/buildmenu"
"say_team /giveres 5" "/giveres 5"
"sporemine"           "sporemine"
"+Ahook"              "hook"
"kickball"            "kickball"
"blank"             "=========================="
"blank"             " Cheat mode"
"blank"             "=========================="
"buildminimap"      "Build the minimap"
"giveres"           "Give ressources/exp"
"giveJP"            "Give Jetpack"
"giveHA"            "Give Heavy Armor"
"givewelder"        "Give Welder"
"givehive"          "Spawn a new hive"
"blank"             "=========================="
"blank"             " Miscellaneous"
"blank"             "=========================="
"join_team_one"     "Join team 1 (Marine)"
"join_team_two"     "Join team 2 (Alien)"
"join_random"       "Join random team"
"spectate"          "Spectate"
"readyroom"         "Readyroom"
"stopsound"         "Stop sound"
"snapshot"          "Take screen shot"
"pause"             "Pause game"
"quit"              "Quit game"
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