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    Had some ideas on the siege cannon I thought could be added here;

    First off I'd like to see some different targeting methods:

    *Automatic - The MASC default targeting requires direct line of sight and deployment, from which it then fires slow but constant shots at the highest priority target in it's line of sight. Can only target visible structures and fires off single rounds every 30 seconds or so.

    *Manual targeting - A designated marine is equipped with a manual targeting device which highlights a single target for in direct fire support from siege cannons within range. The commander then has the option to issue a fire order ability which allows selected siege cannons in range to initiate a short barrage of ~3 consecutive shots aimed at the marked target. This ability, once used must be recharged for around 60 seconds. Can use a location as a target and does not need line of sight.

    The manual targeting device is equipped as an attachment device to the standard LMG or maybe built into the suit as part of the user's HUD and requires several seconds focused on the target to obtain a lock. I'm imagining some sort of laser aim that slightly highlights which target your pointed at or provides a visual area of effect marker to the location your targeting and after holding your aim over the target + some activate key for something like 5~10 seconds it sends the order to the commander. Once the commander initiates the attack the target would be marked for your team to see and take 10 or so seconds to initiate. Targets would then need to be re-targeted afterwards.

    I'd say only a single target can be marked at any one time but all cannons in range can be used.

    There could be a sensory upgrade which allows some warning to counter this attack or even a hive passive ability that allows a hive to scramble the signal so that it becomes far less accurate at landing direct hits on the hive.


    I'd like to see this as a commander controlled device only. I would see it as moving at walking speed. No idea how this tracked vehicle is supposed to make it up ladders though... remove all ladders from direct paths to hives I suppose ! Maybe if it had legs...

    A lock-down mode might be interesting too, where it packs up becoming immobile and inoperable but it takes less damage. That would allow it a chance to be salvaged if caught undefended.


    Would be cool to see it come from a structure at home base and require transport pads to move it to forward locations. Guess this could get it past stairs... This way destroying transport pads would also cut off immediate siege cannon support/reinforcements. Also like to see it limited to something like 2 or 3 to balance out the barrage ability.
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