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Clan ApeX is currently recruiting members for Natural Selection. (Note: This is a brand new clan) What makes Clan ApeX unique then most clans is that, the members can i have a voice with monthly nominations for Leader (Note Leader will not have access to Forum Admin or Senor Server Admin Features). Nominated Leaders have the potential to get there voices heard in weekly Board Room meetings with the 3 other perm. leaders. Clan ApeX is a Multi Mod clan Ranging from ZP:S,ZP,NS and TF2 and are always looking for members who want to start there own division for another mod. We currently are getting a Server for ZP:S and NS and have a Ventrilo.

So if you think this is the right kind of clan for you
- PM me
- Goto the clan website

Currently looking for members who will be more uniqueness to the clan smile-fix.gif

Thank you all for reading
Chris "Gipper" Appleton
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