Siege Tactic With GiveRES Plugin

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Would This Work ?
Ok so the nubs on the server have voted SIEGE and the server happens to be running the /GIVERES plugin.
  • 1. Firstly everyone does NOT BUILD any CHAMBERS or goes FADE
  • 2. So as normal you give res to 1 aliens so he can get the HIVE UP straight away.
  • 3. Then 2 PLAYERS gestate to GORGE and the rest of the team give them res untill they have BUILT ALL RESTOWERS
  • 4. Then CHOOSE ONE PLAYER to give res to and then the team gives them res untill there on 100 RES
  • 5. Repeat Step 4 but choosing ANOTHER PLAYER so they get another 100 RES untill about 30 seconds before the first SIEGE DOOR OPENS.
  • 6. Now is the Time to BUILD 3 OF EACH CHAMBER so that there all built in time for the door opening
  • 7. People The Get HIGER LIFE FORMS but making sure you give any remaining res to another couple of CHOSE PLAYERS so that they have 100 RES again before the higher life forms go out for battle
  • 8. on returning to the hive for a heal the HIGER LIFE FORMS must again give any UNUSED RES to players who are saving their 100 RES

Ok so just to recap the team is using the res that they would have normally built chambers with to help max out the teams RES and by doing this tactic would resault in the WHOLE TEAM getting a full 100 RES QUICKER

OK SO THIS IS GONNA TAKE SOME ORGANISATION AND ON A PUPLIC SERVER IS GONNA BE IMPOOSSIBLE !! but in theory would help the aliens team win much easier

Please post your Views on this tactic


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