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Mapping Group
I started a public steam group for people that wish to learn or are already into mapping for any game run on steam so we can all help each other out and keep the mod community alive (not that it's even dying).

If you join the group you do NOT have to put a tag beside your name but there is one available for those that wish to add it; Nor do you have to leave any clans AT ALL to join this for it's not a group where we have clan matches and so on.

If you wish to join, go to steamcommunity.com/groups/thewireframe and join up where you will be able to receive help from not just me but other members that are able to help you with your questions.

The group is run by myself where i have done mapping tutorials for beginners on youtube which have helped hundreds of people into learning how to create their first maps. If you wish to check them out, goto www.youtube.com/user/M4pster for the list of tutorials recorded and uploaded by me.

The clan was started on the 16'th of March 2008 so the member list is low so thats why we need to try and get more people to join in order to get the group larger.

I need someone to create a 100x100 avatar and a 300x100 signature to help promote the group to get more people to join. So if you are able to please try and produce this for me where it has something to do with mapping such as the mapping grid or jsut anything that you are able to think of; also add in the link to the forum.

Join the forums as well if you are unsure of anything!

Any questions please post here.


PS: If in the future you want to learn how to map for Natural Selection 2. I suggest taking a look at the tutorials supplied above and getting stuck into mapping so when the time comes you will be ready to create awesome maps.
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